[mou] Murrelet not refound this morning

psvingen at d.umn.edu psvingen at d.umn.edu
Wed Nov 5 12:12:11 CST 2008

I was unable to refind the murrelet between 10:00 and 11:45 AM this  
morning. I only encountered one party of two birders at Park Point  
during this time. The male Barrow's Goldeneye was still present in the  
harbor near the bus turnaround at 43rd Street and a first-cycle  
Glaucous Gull was at Canal Park. There has been intermittent drizzle  
with occasional rain showers, but the lake surface is currently almost  
perfectly calm as the forecast winds have not materialized.
Peder H. Svingen
Duluth, MN

Quoting bensodavid at gmail.com:

> Several birders were out looking for the Long-billed Murrelet this
> morning,  but it had not been refound when I left at 7:45. Lots of
> territory to  cover, so it may turn up yet.
> Dave Benson
> Duluth

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