[mou] snowy owl in Grand Marais

Ann and Wayne Russ russ at boreal.org
Wed Nov 5 21:06:39 CST 2008

Our fifth grade class spent the morning watching a snowy owl at the Grand
Marais Harbor near the Coast Guard Station Wednesday. We found the Canada
Goose carcass that it had been standing on the night before (when our
teacher first saw it ). We observed the owl standing along the water's edge
west of the Coast Guard buildings, flying, and perched on the large rocks on
the East Bay side. It flew to the rocks near the west harbor break wall
about an hour and a half later.

We're wondering about the owl and the goose it ate. A goose seems so large
for a snowy owl to catch. Can anyone tell us if this is normal?

Ann Russ' fifth grade class

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