[mou] And now a shrike!

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Usually shrikes are told by the time of year they are here. The Loggerhead's
are here <mostly> until about the end of October, and Northern's show up
about then. Then in spring the last Northern's leave by say mid-March, and
the Loggerhead's show up in early April. Their migration times don't overlap
much, but more so in Fall than in Spring. However, here in the Twin Cities
area, we are at the extremes of both their ranges, so. 


Both would look smaller than a Jay, but in a fleeting moment (a "gizz" or
General Size and Shape moment) the Northern would look like a plump, say
perhaps robin-sized bird with its tail held out at the odd angle, and the
Loggerhead would look smaller, more like Cardinal-sized and thinner
(sleeker?), again with its tail held out at their distinctive angle.


If I had to guess, I'd say you had a Northern. Keep your eyes out; last year
I had one prowling around my feeders for a few days.


Holly Peirson

Columbus, Anoka Co.




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The consensus for my little sparrow is a Savannah sparrow, and just when I
was lamenting that the count for Project Feederwatch didn't start until
today, a shrike flew through!  We had just put peanuts out for the bluejays,
had three of them flying in and snagging peanuts, when a shrike flew in.  It
landed in the bush by the feeders, but didn't stay long enough for me to
tell if it was a loggerhead or a northern.  Any tips telling them apart if
it comes back?  It was a little smaller than the jays, but I couldn't really
say whether 1 or 2".


Dawn Bradshaw

Bloomington, MN

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