[mou] Long-tailed Ducks - Pennington County

Jeanie Joppru ajjoppru at wiktel.com
Sun Nov 9 10:38:09 CST 2008

At about 4:30 yesterday afternoon, I found 5 Long-tailed Ducks at the Thief
River Falls wastewater treatment ponds. There were 3 adult males with long
tails blowing in the wind, and 2 dark females or juveniles. The birds were
found in the large cell on the west side looking from the viewing mound.
Shelley Steva and I went back this morning, and were able to locate 2 of the
birds in the most easterly cell ( the other cells were completely frozen
over this morning) - one of the lighter adults, and one of the darker birds.
After Shelley left I subsequently found two more darker birds.With that in
mind, there must have been at least six LTDU there in all.

Jeanie Joppru 
Pennington County, MN 

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