[mou] And a huge hawk!

Dawn Bradshaw, DVM delaineshaw at comcast.net
Mon Nov 10 09:56:48 CST 2008

I guess our yard is the place to be this fall.  Sitting here in my jammies, 
watching "Ellen", drinking my coffee, when a huge hawk flew in (everything 
looks so big when it's in the yard!).  My first thought was an immature bald 
eagle, but then I realized eagles would not be hunting the sparrows in my 
grape vine.  Probably a red-tailed hawk?  It had a reddish tail with fine 
barring, white "V" on the scapulars, dark belly band, but the head was so 
light.  I have pictures . . .

Dawn Bradshaw
Bloomington, MN 

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