[mou] WW Crossbills, Pine Siskins, Dakota Co.

Jim Mattsson mattjim at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 10 13:41:59 CST 2008

At 1:15pm today (10th) a flock of 7-8 White-winged Crossbills flew over my yard. Drew Smith first saw and heard the birds as they flew to a neighbors spruce trees. As we set up a scope to view them, we first noticed several Pine Siskins and then the crossbills flew north giving me a brief but conclusive view of at least one pinkish-red male with prominent white wingbars. There are many scattered spruce and pines in the neibhborhood, so they may stick around. 

Location is 570 S. Greenleaf Dr. in Eagan. This is just NW of the intersection of Cliff Rd. and Roberts Trail (aka Hi 3).


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