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Michael Hendrickson mlhendrickson at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 10 18:56:06 CST 2008

Last night I got a report that Larry & Jan Kraemer of Duluth reported a Great crested Flycatcher at Indian Point Campground on Sunday Nov. 9th.  I relocated the flycatcher at 11:00am and of course I hope maybe it was a Ash-throated Flycatcher or a first state record Brown-creasted Flycatcher but after viewing the bird it was as reported a Great crested Flycatcher.  The area where I observe the flycatcher was on the west side of the campground between the canoes and the "T" intersection of the smaller trail that comes down from the main road and where the main loop trail heads west around the inlet marsh.  Good find Larry & Jan.

Other birds seen today at Park Pt.

- 15 Bohemian Waxwings ( near bus turn around ) feeding on crab apples with Cedar Waxwings.
- 1 Common Redpoll 
- 1 Long-tailed Duck ( Peder Svingen reported this duck on Sunday ) The best place to look for it is the small bay area next to the airport. Its associated with a small group of scaup.

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Duluth, Minnesota
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