[mou] Ann Lake Solitaire

Pastor Al Schirmacher pastoral at princetonfreechurch.net
Wed Nov 12 09:10:31 CST 2008

Townsend's Solitaire, Ann Lake/Sand Dunes area (just off Sherburne CR 5, 
south of refuge) - giving excellent looks from the top of deciduous & 
coniferous trees west of the parking lot.

Also present:  White-winged Crossbills, Purple Finches, Pine Siskins.

Checked the conifer woods, did not hear any Black-backed Woodpeckers.  Also 
checked the Cedar Waxwing flocks, no Bohemians yet (present three of last 
four years, although generally in December).

Good birding to all (and may MOU-Net be back up soon).

Al Schirmacher
Princeton, MN
Mille Lacs & Sherburne Counties 

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