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Fri Nov 14 17:24:47 CST 2008

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> Subject: USFWS Open House, Viewing area-Hwy 26, Pool 8, Miss. R., Houston Co.
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> Date: Friday, November 14, 2008, 5:23 PM
> Tomorrow, Nov.15, The USFWS is sponsoring an open
> "house" at the viewing area south of Brownsville
> from 10AM-2PM. Hot cider will be offered.
> Check this viewing area out.  It is 100 feet from the Miss.
> R and about 100 feet of paved parking lot facing the River.
> It includes an interpretive kiosk with brochures, a safety
> rail, and two securely mounted spotting scopes. Parking for
> a bus & about 20 automobiles.
> Today, there were 12,000-15,000 Tundra Swans whooping it
> up, standing on the sandbars, swimming, & flying
> overhead. My tally of Bald Eagles was down to 60+/- from
> 150+/- a few days ago. There is a good variety of puddle
> ducks, including a high number of Northern Pintails, and the
> usual flocks of Canada Geese. The dredged sandbars draw some
> of the the swans, geese & eagles within a few hundred
> yards.
> This is an impressive effort by the federal government to
> work a joint project by the USFWS & USACOE. I presume
> MNDOT was also involved. 
> Further south on Pool 9 of the Miss. R. there is also an
> impressive gathering of waterfowl in Allamakee Co., Iowa
> viewed from Red Oak Rd. off Co. Rd. X52 south of Lansing,
> Ia.
> Fred Lesher
> LaCrosse, Wis.


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