[mou] Crosby Farm Park, St. Paul

linda whyte birds at moosewoods.us
Sat Nov 15 13:12:02 CST 2008

On the river path, east of the evergreens, a huge flock of cedar
waxwings was feeding, low enough and close enough to afford lovely
looks. That inspired me to interrupt a power-walk and search for any
stray Bohemians. While there appeared to be none of those, a tell-tale
piece of hop-scratch-toss action on the ground revealed something
equally delightful: several fox sparrows looking for lunch. On the
raptor front, things were quiet until the route home: an immature bald
eagle was doing a flyover by the geese and ducks on Highland golf
course. Then upon arriving home, I heard a crow-ruckus: a young
red-tail hawk was perched in the maple one yard away.
(Never let an iffy weather forecast discourage you from either
exercise or birding.)
Linda Whyte

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