[mou] Mille Lacs - Harlequin, Pacific (Arctic?) Loon

Pastor Al Schirmacher pastoral at princetonfreechurch.net
Sun Nov 16 07:52:53 CST 2008

Nathan & I circled Mille Lacs Lake yesterday.  Highlights included:

* Harlequin Duck, southwest corner of the lake, first stop on 35 (frontage 
road along lake).  Hopefully everyone (on MOU, didn't have MNBird in his 
phone) received Nathan's alert from his cell phone; glad to see others saw 
it later as well.  Beautiful male!

* Barrow's Goldeneye - still on Wigwam Bay, on the rocks.  That makes four 
weeks, if my memory serves correctly.

* 263 Tundra Swans along northern (Aitkin) side of lake; count is probably 
significantly short, since whole shoreline cannot be seen.

* And, finally/mysteriously, a "Pacific Loon" at Garrison bay.  This small 
loon had substantial white flanks while at rest, Nathan noted a flattened 
head in his scope (sure miss my Kowa); however, I thought I observed a dark, 
thin necklace - we would certainly appreciate any observations by those who 
might be near the lake over the next few days.  Personally hate to use the 
"Arctic" word with mixed observations.


Al Schirmacher
Princeton, MN
Mille Lacs & Sherburne Counties 

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