[mou] Glaucous Gull at Canal Park

Michael Hendrickson mlhendrickson at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 17 12:08:00 CST 2008

An adult Glaucous Gull was found among the Herring Gulls on the breakwall at Canal Park yesterday afternoon.  Also the state is up to 19 reported sightings of Snowy Owls and 7 reported sightings of Northern Hawk Owls.  As the temps get colder and snow falls in the northern Canadian providences I suspect more owls will come south.  If you want to see how the owl map is looking you can view it here:  http://colderbythelakebirding..blogspot.com/

Good Birding

Mike Hendrickson
Duluth, Minnesota
Website: http://webpages.charter.net/mmhendrickson/
Blog: http://colderbythelakebirding.blogspot.com/

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