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> Subject: Waterfowl, Bald Eagles, Miss. R., Pool 8
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> Date: Monday, November 17, 2008, 5:08 PM
> As previously reported, 12,000-15,000 Tundra Swans remain on
> Pool 8. Large rafts of divers are far to the east side of
> Pool 8, technically in Wisconsin, but many are in Minnesota.
> In Minnesota waters are a selection of puddle ducks: Black
> D., Mallard, No. Pintail, No. Shoveler, Gadwall, Am. Wigeon.
> Divers, many distant include Cans, Ring-n. Duck, L. Scaup,
> C. Goldeneye.
> Close up views of Tundra Swans within 100 yards & less
> of the Minn. shoreline viewable from Hwy 26 are near Mile
> Markers 14534 & 14538. Look for street sign "Twin
> Coves Lane." These swans are up close to the riverbank
> & may flush if you get out of your vehicle. 
> Fred Lesher
> LaCrosse, Wis.


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