[mou] bird photos from Duluth/Superior

Erik Bruhnke birdfedr at gmail.com
Tue Oct 7 20:11:58 CDT 2008

Hello everyone!

This morning Karl Bardon and I birdwatched along the length of Minnesota
Point. He located two White-winged Scoters and 2 Long-tailed Ducks. Other
than that, we weren't able to locate anything out-of-the-ordinary. I'm
hoping tomorrow might bring a Sabine's Gull or two... I saw my first one a
few weeks ago, and they're definitely a favorite of mine :)

I finally got my favorite pictures from this fall on my pbase website.

For my current fall photos (including Hawk Ridge, MN Point, and WI Point),
go to:

For my other photos (many more to come), go to:

I'll let ya know how I do tomorrow. Oh and with the clearer skies and west
winds, Hawk Ridge could likely be good tomorrow!

Good birding,
Erik Bruhnke

Duluth, MN
birdfedr at gmail.com
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