[mou] Park Point land sale

John Green jgreen at d.umn.edu
Sat Oct 11 12:42:21 CDT 2008

Contrary to the posting by Mike Hendrickson, the sale of land on Park 
Point is not "a done deal".  Several of us are working with the City to 
try and come up with an alternative.  Rather than spreading false 
information, it would be helpful if birders who are concerned about the 
land sale either contacted the mayor and/or council members (email 
addresses on the City's web site) or send a letter to the Duluth News 
Tribune.  There have been many letters against another asset sale the 
City is proposing (an historical Tiffany stained glass window) but only 
one about the Park Point land sale.  Those of us who went and testified 
at the City Council and met with the mayor and staff need some 
expression by the birding community that they also think that the sale 
and development of this land is tragically wrong.

Jan Green

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