[mou] Wisconsin Point (Superior, WI)

Erik Bruhnke birdfedr at gmail.com
Thu Oct 16 22:47:59 CDT 2008

This morning I birded Wisconsin Point with a friend. We covered the first
pulloff-on-the-right as well as 'Gull Bluff.' Here's what we saw:
Black Scoter -  1
Red-Breasted Merganser -  2, my first of the season
Bonaparte's Gulls -   ~2 dozen

We did have a distant Pacific/Arctic Loon at Gull Bluff... the lacking of
white flanks suggests Pacific Loon for this distant individual bird. No
Red-throated Loons were seen this morning at Wisconsin Point. I'm still
keeping an eye out for the Arctic Loon... I'll be checking Minnesota Point
tomorrow morning.

Good birding,

Erik Bruhnke

Duluth, MN
birdfedr at gmail.com
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