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There are probably some on this list that don't know what a SUSC or RUDU are.  Perhaps one could be considerate of those people?


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I just received this update from Bruce Fall. 

Drew Smith

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Hi Drew, 
At about 12:45 I relocated what most likely is the SUSC that you found. It was all alone, about 400 m W of the far E end of Black Dog L. (access from the E end outflow--I walked  W along the fishing path to near the small peninsula). It was an immature/female, and behaved much as you described (frequently rising up out of the water with its front end). It flapped once, showing all dark wings. Lighting was poor but sufficient to see field marks at relatively close distance of about 150 m. It also kept its tail cocked or horizontal, above the water surface, giving it the superficial appearance of a RUDU tail. Might be worth rechecking that RUDU at the W end, although I think that bird was too small for a SUSC. Thanks for telling me about this bird. 

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