[mou] Possible Ross's goose-L. Hiawatha, Mpls

Diana Doyle diana at managingthewaterway.com
Mon Oct 27 09:42:13 CDT 2008

Possible Ross's goose at Lake Hiawatha, Minneapolis this morning  

The bird was very small compared to the nearby Canada geese and the  
bill seemed much stubbier than the large sloping bills of snow geese  
I've seen recently stopping at the lake. (We had a snow goose just a  
few days ago along the swimming beach.)

The bird was with the literally hundreds of Canada geese near the NW  
shore of the lake. It's small and was rafted in closely with the  
CAGOs so sometimes was obscured from shore by the CAGOs. While I  
watched it another 100 CAGOs landed.

If anyone else sees it, let me know how you weigh in. Thanks!

Diana Doyle
S. Minneapolis

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