[mou] Three toed/ Black Backed woodpeckers in Hedbom Bog....

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Wed Oct 29 17:42:09 CDT 2008

Well I'd seen enough reports from the hawk ridge folks to know that there  
have been quite a few black backed woodpeckers coming through, so I knew it was  
time to go check hedbom bog (Floodwood MN), besides Dakota County!!!!! I  
figured a few might show up there.  No sooner had I arrived at Hedbom Bog  when I 
spotted two male blackbacked woodpeckers chasing one another  around.  There 
were also several white winged crossbills flying around to  and fro, as well 
as many pine siskins, and MANY american tree sparrows.
All in all I found at least six black backed woodpeckers and one female  
american three toed woodpecker in the space of four hours.  There were also  a few 
gray jays about.  Also had three evening grosbeaks fly over.
Saw ten  bald eagles all told from duluth to floodwood and back  again.  Saw 
several snow buntings.
All in all, a really fun day!  I put a picture of a female black  backed 
woodpecker up in the showcase section from the bog today in the showcase  section 
of MOU.  If you have the time, put on some waterproof footwear and  get out to 
the Bog to watch the woodpeckers, they did alot of interacting today  with 
one another and with the few hairy woodpeckers out there, it's alot of fun  to 
Enjoy the fall!
Shawn Zierman.
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