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Thu Oct 30 19:38:07 CDT 2008

Peter Neubeck and I walked around the Eloise Butler Sanctuary today, and
we found many Golden-crowned Kinglets, Brown Creepers (we saw a few,
heard many of both species, which is which?) We also ran into large
flocks of Pine Siskins and Cedar Waxwings in the tall Pines and Spruces.
The Spruce and Pines in this area show large cone crops, this may be an
area to hold Crossbills at some point this fall or winter. There are
also large areas of mature pine that have been worked as though by a
Black-backed Woodpecker. No Woodpeckers to be found and the bark
leavings were well under the leaves that have fallen, so perhaps this
was last winter? Still, some of it is bright enough red, people should
check back and look for the culprit - I am told Hairies will scale
trees, it would be nice to witness. These trees are on the south side of
the refuge over the hill past the pond. Chickadees and nuthatches were
mobbing something in the refuge, but it is closed until April, so we
could not venture closer to id the source of anxiety. Great day to be
out and about, 

Good birding to you all.

Mark Alt
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
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