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Michael Hendrickson mlhendrickson at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 14 15:27:18 CDT 2008

Arrived at the point around 8:30am and left at 11:00 when the rain came down.


** Unidentified Phalarope swimming way out in the lake and beyond my 30X eye peice on my spotting scope.  Location: 2nd boardwalk to the south of the bath house in the park.  It could of been a Red Phalarope -- but I still cannot rule out Red-necked Phalarope.  Overall it look chunkier and I only wish I had a stronger eye piece to aid me to make a identification.

- Peregrine Falcon
- 100 Sanderlings
- 1 Black-bellied Plover
- Sedge Wren
- scattered sightings of Bonaparte's Gulls
- Lesser Canada Goose mixed in with some Greater Canada Geese on the ball field.

*  Only have 3 more openings on the boat trip this Saturday.

Mike Hendrickson
Duluth, Minnesota
Website: http://webpages.charter.net/mmhendrickson/
Blog: http://colderbythelakebirding.blogspot.com/

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