[rba] mou-rba maiing list

David A. Cahlander david at cahlander.com
Fri May 23 12:16:56 CDT 2008

I've now set up a second mailing list.  The people subscribed are:

    david at cahlander.com
    birdnird at yahoo.com
    axhertzel at sihope.com
    paul.budde at us.benfieldgroup.com

I'd like to check the message sent out on subscription and make sure that we 
agree about how this should be used.  I suggest that any "notable" bird be 
posted to this listserv.  "notable" means to me

    new state records
    rare regular (do we need a list)
    new county records

We will copy all messages from [rba] to [mou].  To post to [rba] you need to 
subscribe to that list.  If you want messages from [mou], I suggest that you 
subscribe to [rba] and set the nomail option.  Perhaps we need to make a 
step-by-step proceedure for this subscription.

If someone posts to [mou] a "notable" bird, I think that we just repost it 
to [rba].  Maybe we can even keep these from going back to [mou].  I'll test 

For now, only the four of us are subscribed and messages are not forwarded 
to mou-net.

Any comments can be posted to the group or to mou-rba-owner at moumn.org.

David Cahlander david at cahlander.com Burnsville, MN 952-894-5910 

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