Grants Request

Grants Request

Terry Savaloja was a well-known, respected Minnesota birder and T.S. Roberts Award recipient who died in 1992. Each year, the MOU considers funding requests for bird-related projects from the Savaloja Memorial Fund. In 2016, six projects received a total of nearly $10,000 in Savaloja Grants:

MOU members -- through their memberships and donations – are responsible for our ability to support these projects. Please consider joining MOU, increasing your membership level when the time comes to renew, or simply send a contribution earmarked for Savaloja grants to MOU at any time.

2017 Savaloja Grants: Individuals or organizations undertaking projects in Minnesota that increase our understanding of birds, promote preservation of birds and their natural habitats, or increase public interest in birds, especially in minorities currently underrepresented in Minnesota's birding community, may submit grant applications to MOU. Application information can be found here, or by emailing

The deadline for receipt of grant applications is January 31, 2017. Grant recipients will be notified during April 2017.

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