Grants Request

Grants Request

Each year, the MOU considers funding requests for bird-related projects through the Savaloja Grants Program. In 2013, the following five projects were awarded funds: Grants ranged from $730 to $1,400.

For 2014, The MOU has up to $8000 available to fund projects, including $3000 from a donation to support projects that diversify Minnesota's birding community by recruiting or involving minorities and people of color. Individuals or organizations are encouraged to submit grant applications to the MOU for Minnesota projects that increase our understanding of birds, promote preservation of birds and their natural habitats, or increase public interest in birds, including in populations currently underrepresented in Minnesota's birding community.

Application information may be obtained by emailing or going to

The deadline for receipt of grant applications is January 31, 2014. Grant recipients will be notified by April 1, 2014.

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