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The Minnesota Ornithologists' Union is the largest bird club in the state. It encourages the study of birds, and promotes the preservation of birdlife and its natural habitat. The MOU seeks to inform its members about Minnesota birds and opportunities to find and enjoy them. It's 1,400 members receive a bimonthly magazine (Minnesota Birding) and a quarterly journal (The Loon). The MOU also publishes checklists and other material helpful to birders.

The MOU collects daily information on bird activity within the state and publishes it on two telephone hot-lines and one e-mail distribution list. Our statewide birding report can be heard by calling 763-780-8890 or 800-657-3700. The number for birds found in the Duluth area is 218-834-2858.

An annual meeting featuring a day-long program on state birds is held each December. Other events are scheduled through the year.

The MOU is charged with keeping Minnesota's official bird records, offering the most complete avian database for the state. Current membership dues are:
$500 Life
$100 Corporate
 $75 Supporting
 $25 Individual
 $35 Family
 $55 Foreign
 $17 Youth (through age 17)

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For further information you can e-mail our membership secretary at, or write us at:

J. F. Bell Museum of Natural History
University of Minnesota
10 Church Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455-0145
Please include your name, address, and if joining a check.

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