Seasonal Report Archive for The Loon - Towhees, Sparrows
This is the 1930 to present seasonal report archive for
The Loon, journal of the Minnesota Ornithologists' Union.
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Species: Towhees, Sparrows
Green-tailed Towhee
Spotted Towhee
Eastern Towhee
[Pipilo towhee]
[Spotted Towhee X Eastern Towhee]
American Tree Sparrow
Chipping Sparrow
Clay-colored Sparrow
Brewer's Sparrow
Field Sparrow
Vesper Sparrow
Lark Sparrow
Black-throated Sparrow
Lark Bunting
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Grasshopper Sparrow
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Nelson's Sparrow
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Lincoln's Sparrow
Swamp Sparrow
White-throated Sparrow
Harris's Sparrow
White-crowned Sparrow
Golden-crowned Sparrow
Dark-eyed Junco

Field Sparrow(Spizella pusilla)
1930SummerThis species docs not seem to be very generally distributed about the Twin Cities and only two nests were found, Th~ first was seen by the writer near Minneapolis on May 28th and held four eggs, three of the owner nnd one of the Brown-headed Cowbird. Ralph Womsey found a nest near Shakopee on July 6th containing two eggs.
1931SummerAn adult wa;s observed building on May 22nd (E. D. Swedenborg).
1932SummerStro.nge to say, the only nest of this ~stern bird was found at ~~ntevideo. The nest was found on June 17, when it had 4 eggs. Ten days later it had been destroyed by a storm. It was seen by Mrs, Wilson &~~s. Peterson.
1933Summer Three nests found, all on May 21st. Two were found by Risser ond Swanson nt Frontenac and held 1 egg and 3 eggs respectively. The other was found by Eisele at Minneapolis. The contents of this nest were 4 eggs, and the finder says that he "had to mae this nest with tho aid of a shovel 2 times because the field was being plowed and harrowed. The eggs all hatched 3 days later.
1934Summer Mr. and Mrs. Swcdenborg reported the en.rlicst nest, which held 4 eggs on !·by 30th; nlso the lntost nest, contn.ininc 2 fresh eggs, on June 29th. Prosser found young out of the nest but unable to fly on August 14th nt Kinikinic, Washington County.
1935Summer While Erickson, Mahon, Pa.ul and Turner were sitting_ in their ca.r 1'30.ting their l~ch at Frontcnc.c, May 12th, Erkckson spied a Field Sparrow incubating on a nest about 10 feet from tho co.r. The nest, when investigated, was found to contain 2 Field Sparrow egg and 1 Brown-headed Cowbird egg. On May 25th, this same nest contained 2 eggs and 2 yotmg of the Field Sparrow, and en May 26th, 4 young seen by a.ll the Bird Club. On the same date, May 26th, and also at Frontenac, Mahle sa\1 a nest with 3 young and 2 Brown-headed Cowbird eggs. The last nest wns one with 4 eggs seen May 29th, by Turner. WHIIE-THROATED SPARROW Rysgo.a.rd reports tho only nest. He saw it July 24th \then thoro were 4 eggs in it. Sturgeon Lake wo.s the locality.
1936Summer Arnold &-ickson saw adults feeding young in Pine County June 14th. Swedenborg saw young being fed out of nest on June 28th. Risser, Don arid Mrs. Mahle, Erickson, Rysga.{ri-d located a nest of two native eggs and two Brown-headed Cowbird. 1 a eggs at Frontenac on May 24th. 45 -The Flicker, 1936
1937SummerE. Swedenborg found field sparrows building on May 2. On June 21 Breckenridge saw young awing.
1938SummerNear Hastings, Breckenridge and Upson found a nest of one egg and 2 Brown-headed Cowbird eggs on May r2; broken Field Sparrow's eggs lay nearby. On May 24 Upson found a nest and 4 eggs at Minneapolis. Rysgaard saw adults carrying food on June r r in Anoka County.
1942Spring5/31 Marshall (first county record)
1943SummerJune 11, 4 eggs, Snelling Reservoir, St. Paul. Bros. l.,ewis and Piws.
1945Summer4 eggs in nest in wild rose bush. near Afton, May 29, W. J. Breckenridge.
1959Winter1/2 Ramsey (first winter record)
1962SpringApril 17 Winona, Hiawatha Valley Bird Club; April 21 Rice Lake, Henepin Co., Bob Janssen; May 14 Washington Co., Dean Honetschlager.
1962Falllast dates, Oct. 20 Morris ·, Stevens Co., R. Grant; Oct. 29, Ramsey Co., A. C. Rosenwinkel.
1962Winter12/25 Cass (first winter record)
1963SpringMarch 23, Winona, (early) Grace Gordon; March 30, Rice Co., 0. Rustad; April 6, Hennepin Co., R. Janssen; April 6, Washington Co., A. C. Rosenwinkel; April 11, Washington Co., D. Honetschlager; May 5, Winona, Hiawatha Valley Bird Club.
1963Falllatest, Oct. 5, White· water State Park, Winona Co., R. B. Janssen ; Nov. 16, Henderson, Sibley Co., exceptionally late, R. B. Janssen.
1963Winter12/29 Winona (first winter record)
1964Spring5-7 Anoka Co, LJ; 5-11 Sherburne Co, EAH; 4-11 Ramsey Co, BL; 4-28 Wright Co, EC; 4-19 Douglas Co, MVS; 4-17 and 4-25 Ramsey Co, ACR; 4-11 Hennepin Co, RG, RBJ.
1964Fall10-10 Frontenac, Goodhue Co, RBJ.
1965Springearliest 3-11, Pope Co, MVS (too early, too far north -almost certainly a Tree Sparrow); next 4-9 Rochester, JPF and 4-10 Washington Co, DS. 
1965Falllatest 9-25 Ramsey Co, VL; 10-17 Wabasha, DGM; one exceptionally late, 11-29 Pickwick, Winona Co, GD, good details; one northerly record on 10-16 Orr, St. Louis Co, NJH, is most unusual; this bird is rare north of the latitude of St. Cloud; it is also easily confused with the Tree Sparrow.
1966Spring4/12 Norman (first county record)
1966Summerreported from Hennepin, Wabasha, Rice, Dakota, Yellow Medicine, Winona and Houston Co's; one northerly report: 6-24 Itasca Co, singing, ACR. 6/24 Itasca (first county record)
1966FallLatest 9-20 Anoka <::o., EWJ; 9-27 Hennepin Co.,. MHM; 9-28 Stevens Co., JAH (northerly record).
1967Springearly, "March" Wabasha Co., DGM; 4-1 Hennepin Co., RBJ; 4-2 Hennepin Co., EMB and Cottonwood Co., LAF; 4-4 Rice Co., OAR and Washington Co., JO.
1967Summersmall nesting colony found near Starbuck, POPE Co., JAH; may represent significant range extension northwestward; other reports from Houston, Fillmore, Winona, Wabasha, Anoka, Ramsey, Sherburne, Jackson, Washington Co's.
1967Fall latest 10-18 Pope Co., JAH; 10-27 Wabasha Co., DGM; 10-29 Washington Co., DS.
1968Spring early 3-9 Wacouta, Goodhue Co., DB (singing (?) undoubtedly earliest date on record); next 4-10 Rice Co., OAR and Lyon Co., BL; 4-12 Wabasha Co., DGM and Washington Co., DS; 4-15 Minneapolis, EMB.
1968Summer nested in Pope Co; reported from Stearns, Wabasha , Hubbard (TCD), Hennepin, Carver, Rice, Washington, Anoka, Blue Earth, Winona, Aitkin (RLH) Co's. 6/18 Hubbard (first county record)
1968Fall8-25 Hennepin 5 MHM; 9-21 Duluth KP; 9-23 Washington banded 2 y ELC; 10-18 Winona BT.
1969Spring4-4 Winona Co., BT; 4-12 Washington Co., KP. 
1969Summernested in Watonwan and Hennepin Co's.; also reported from Washington, Wright, Freeborn, Swift, Houston,.. AnO-ka, Rice., Winona, Wabasha, and Carver Co's.
1969Fall9-25 Carver MHM; 11-30 Winona BTV.
1969Winter12-19 through winter, Winona BTV; seen by RG on 1-1. 12/20, 1/2 Otter Tail (first winter record), 12/28 Winona (second winter record)
1970Springearly 4-4 Olmsted HW; 4-6 Washington WHL; 4-7 Ramsey AW.
1970Summerreported from Anoka Washington, Wabasha, Winona, and Hennepin Co's:
1970Falllate north 9-27 Crow Wing )B; 9-27 and 10-2 Cook JP; late south 10-14 Hennepin VL; 10-16 Wabasha DB; 11-15 Cottonwood LF.
1970Winter1/3 Goodhue (first winter record), 1/1 Washington (first winter record)
1971Summernested in McLeod and Sherburne; also reported from Hennepin, Dakota, Nicollet, Sibley, Scott, Washington, Wabasha, Rice, Anoka and Winona.
1971Falllate south 10-17 Wright; 10-23 Traverse; 10-31 Nobles; only report north 9-18 Duluth BH.
1972Summernested In Sherburne; seen In Lyon, Lac ~ui Parle, Pope, Hennepin, Dakota, Anoka, Isanti, Washington.
1972Winter12/17 Freeborn (first county record), 12/17 Marshall (second winter record), 1/1 Washington (second winter record)
1973Summer Reported from 15 counties, including Ottertail (6-6 KE), Clay (7-1 PBH).
1973Fall More reports; Seen in six counties. One north report: 10-13 Otter Tail (5) (KBZ).
1973Winter12/16 Freeborn (second winter record)
1974Spring Early 3-19 Murray AD; 4-6 Rice OR; 4-9 Olmsted JF.
1974Summer Nested in Winona; also reported from 20 other counties north to Big Stone and Stearns; more reports than usual.
1974Fall 10-7 Freeborn DG; 10-15 Wabasha WDM; 10-20 Hennepin OJ.
1975Spring Early 4-16 Goodhue KG, ETS, RAG and Hennepin PG; 4-17 Goodhue CF.
1975Summer Nested in Sherburne, Lyon and Pipestone; also reported from 14 other counties north to Pope and Stearns.
1975Falllate south 10-14 Olmstead JF; 10-17 Hennepin ES; 10-21 Rock GO.
1975Winterseen in Goodhue Co. on 12·4 and 2-1 (MW, DGW, RG); also one at RG's feeder in Bloomington. Hennepin Co. from 1-3 to 2-13; only the 2nd and 3rd February reports on record. 1/4-2/6 Hennepin (first winter record)
1976Spring Early 3-13 Hennepin ERW (2nd earliest date on record); 3-18 Hennepin HPR.
1976Summernested in Pope; also reported from 20 other counties north to Lac qui Parle, Stearns and Pine (6-28, Northwoods, DA).
1976Fall Late north 10-9 Otter Tail GO; late south 10-13 Washington, 10-24 Goodhue, 11-16 Hennepin.
1976Winter Seen all winter at the EW feeder in Minneapolis; only the 4th Minnesota February record.
1977Spring Early 4-9 Rock KE; 4-10 Watonwan ED; 3 reports on 4-11; also reported from St. Louis (4-21 GN) and Clay Co's.
1977Summer Nested in Anoka, Winona, Otter Tail (until 6-15, Aurdahl Twp., adult seen carrying nest material; GO); also reported from 12 other counties north to Lac qui Parle and Sherburne.
1977Fall Two reports north 8-12 Rice Lake NWR (OJ), 10-6 Otter Tail (GO); late south 11-1 Houston (EMF).
1977Winter1/1 Washington (third winter record)
1978Spring Early north 4-11 Otter Tail GO. 5/24 Beltrami (first county record)
1978Summer Late north 8-1 Otter Tail GO only report north; late south 11-20 Washington DMB.
1978Fall Late north 8-1 Otter Tail GO only report north; late south 11-20 Washington DMB.
1978Winter Late migrants 12-16 Houston (BJ) and on the Rochester CBC. 12/16 Houston (first winter record), 12/16 Olmsted (first winter record)
1979Spring Early south 4-11 Hennepin RJ, 4-12 Washington DMB; two reports north: 4-20 Otter Tail GMO, 5-5 Otter Tail SM.
1979Fall One report north: 8-11 Otter Tail GMO; late south 10-19 Washington DMB, 10-22 Houston EMF, 10-27 Ramsey BL.
1979Winter12/15 Ramsey (second winter record)
1980Spring Early south 3-8 Ramsey BL, 3-19 Houston EMF; early north 4-22 Otter Tail SM, 5-12 Otter Tail GMO.
1980Summer Breeding reported from Anoka, Sherburne; also seen throughout the southern half of the state plus Otter Tail, Clay (Buffalo River SP, KRE), Beltrami (Bemidji, JM). 6/3 Beltrami (second county record)
1980Fall Late north 10-2 Morrison EC; late south 10-11 Houston JP, 10-22 Houston EMF.
1980Winter Reported on the St. Paul CBC. 12/20 Ramsey (third winter record)
1981Spring Early south 3-28 Olmsted JEB, Stearns SE, 3-31 Hennepin RJ, 4-3 Nicollet JCF; early north 4-17 Otter Tail SM. 5/1-31 Cass (second spring record)
1981Summer Breeding data from Stearns, Kandiyohi; nesting reported from Anoka. Seen throughout the South half plus Douglas, Otter Tail, ST. LOUIS (near Floodwood, LP).
1981Fall One report north: 10-4 Cass RG; late south 10-8 Rice KJ, 10-10 Houston RG, BL, FL, Mower RRK.
1982Spring Early south 3-27 Stearns SE, 4-2 Nicollet JCF, 4-7 Hennepin SC, VL; early north 4-17 Otter Tail SDM.
1982Summer Breeding data from Pope, Sherburne, Houston. Seen throughout the southern half of the state and as far north as Crow Wing (n. of Crosby; TS), Clay (Buffalo River SP, JCG; near Moorhead, L&CF).
1982Fall Late north 10/4 Otter Tail SDM, 10/13 Grant RJ ; late south 10/20 Houston EMF, 10/24 Watonwan RJ, 10/29 Nicollet JCF. 
1982Winter12/18 Olmsted (second winter record)
1983Spring Early south 4/10 LeSueur HC, 4/16 Olmsted RE, 4/17 Houston EMF, Martin EB/K, Mower RRK; early north 4/29 Otter Tail GMO, 5/7 Otter Tail SDM, 5/16 Mille Lacs MLWMA.
1983Summer Breeding data from Sherburne, Anoka, Brown. Seen throughout the South as far north as Morrison, Ottertail.
1983Fall Two reports north 8/8 Clearwater AB, 10/ I Pine KL; late south 10/ I0 Isanti RJ, 10/13 Anoka SC, 10/20 Houston EMF. 8/8 Clearwater (first county record)
1983Winter One photographed in Two Harbors, Lake Co. on 12-18 (AB). 12/18 Lake (first county record)
1984Spring Early south 4/6 Scott PL, 4/11 Brown JSp, Washington TBB, 4/13 Renville FKS; early north 4/22 Otter Tail SDM, 4/28 Otter Tail GMO, 5/12 St. Louis fide KE.
1984Summernested in Sherburne, Anoka, Ramsey, Brown, Le Sueur and Olmsted; also seen in 16 other counties.
1984Fall Three reports north 8/5 Clay LCF, 8/18 St. Louis HR, 10/20 St. Louis KL; late south 10/23 Olmsted RJ, 10/29 Hennepin SC, 11/30 Houston EMF.
1984Winter One in Grand Marais until 1-14 (The Loon 57:61) and a Houston County report on 12-1 (EMF). 12/15 Cook (first county record)
1985Spring Early south 4/4 Olmsted AP, 4/10 Sherburne SS/DO, 4/11 Hennepin SC, GP; early north 4/30 Morrison NH, 5/5 Otter Tail SDM.
1985Summer Nested in Morrison (northernmost nesting record, NH), Sherburne, Anoka, Ramsey, Dodge, Blue Earth (MF), Brown; probable nesting in Dakota. Also seen in ten other counties in the south half west to Redwood.
1985Fall One report north 9/8 St. Louis fide KE; late south 10/13 Houston JPIAM, 10/16 Hennepin SC, 10/18 Brown JS.
1985Winter One at a Rochester feeder from 12/10 until 12/30 (AMP). 12/21 Olmsted (third winter record)
1986Spring Early south 3/25 Brown JS, 3/28 Dakota TTu, 3/29 Houston JP/AM, Nicollet BL; one report north 4/26 Otter Tail SDM.
1986Summer Nested in Brown, Mower(RRK); probable nesting in Anoka, Olmsted. Also seen in 19 other counties throughout the South plus Morrison, Otter Tail, Cass.
1986Fall Only report north 10/24 Cook KMH; late south 10/20 Chippewa RGJ, 10/21 Mower AP, 10/24 Brown JS. 10/24 Cook (second county record)
1987Spring Early south 3/27 Dakota TT, 4/4 Mower JM and Ramsey DZ, 4/6 Wabasha AP; early north 4/25 OtterTail SDM, 4/26 Becker BK.
1987Summer Nested in Sherburne, Anoka, Brown. Also seen in 20 other counties within range plus Clay (Tansem Twp., LCF), Cass (Backus, BBS).
1987Fall Late north 10/14 thru 10/16 Duluth fide KE; late south 10/8 LeSueur HJC, 10/15 Fillmore ANO, 10/18 Anoka JH, 10/22 Washington TBB.
1988Spring Early south 3/29 Fillmore NAO, 3/30 Brown JS, 4/2 Houston EMF and Olmsted JEB; early north 4/24 Otter Tail SDM.
1988Summer Nested in Anoka, Brown. Seen in 25 other counties as far north as Clay, Wadena, Crow Wing. 7/30 Wadena (first summer record)
1988Fall Late north 9/17 Duluth KE, 10/3 Douglas AB; late south 10/15 Houston EMF, 10/16 Fillmore NAO, 10/18 Dodge AP.
1988Winter One in Willmar from 12/25 until 2/10 RS and in Houston 12/17 RJ. 12/17 Houston (second winter record), 12/25-2/10 Kandiyohi (first winter record)
1989Spring Early south 4/1 Washington TBB, 4/7 Anoka JH, Houston EMF, 4/12 Olmsted JB; early north 4/16 Clay LCF, 4/17 Cook OSL 5/5 Kittson TR. ' 4/17 Cook (third county record), 5/5 Kittson (first county record)
1989Summer Nested in Anoka, Brown; seen in 18 other counties in south plus 6/11 Clay LCF, 6/10 Crow Wing KR.
1989Fall Late south 10/23 Rice FKS, 10/27 Houston EMF, 10/31 Winona CS.
1990Spring Early south 3/28 Olmsted JB, 4/7 Anoka JH, 4/13 Brown JSp; early north 4/19 Otter Tail SDM, 4/28 Clay MO.
1990Summer Nested in Brown, Washington WL; proba- ble breeding in Anoka. Seen in 27 other counties as far north as Clay, Becker, Isanti.
1990Fall Late south 10/18 Washington TEB, 10/23 Houston EMF, 10/24 Winona CS.
1990Winter One at a feeder in Ramsey U /U-1111 BH was a rare winter find.
1991Spring Early south 3/25 Rice TB, OR, 4/2 Hennepin DB, DC, Olmsted AP, 4/3 Houston PS; early north 4/18 Cook SOL, 4/21 Clay LCF.
1991Summer More reports than usual, for second straight year. Nested in Anoka, Brown; seen in 29 additional counties as far north as Clay, Becker, Crow Wing; plus 6/14 Pennington RJ. 6/14 Pennington (first county record)
1991Fall Late north 9/13 St. Louis RH, 9/15 St. Louis TEB; late south 10/29 Houston EMF, 11/30 Kandiyohi (at feeder) CJ.
1992Spring Early south 4/11 Cottonwood ED and Olmsted AP, 4/12 Mower AB; early north 5/1 Douglas GS, 5/11 Clay LCF.
1992Summer Nested in Anoka, Washington, Brown, Blue Earth; probable nesting in Winona. Seen in 17 additional southern counties plus Morrison, Crow Wing, Otter Tail, Clay; also one singing on 6/7–8 at L. Bronson S. P. in Kittson MCBS. 6/7-8 Kittson (second county record), 6/14 Pennington (second county record)
1992Fall Late north 10/5 Pennington SSt; late south 11/27 Olmsted JB, 11/28 Washington RJ. 10/5 Pennington (third county record)
1992Winter Overwintered at feeder in Eagan, Dakota Co. MO et al. (and recorded on the Bloomington CBC count week).
1993Spring Early south 4/6 Hennepin SC, 5/9 Goodhue BL and Rice TB. Early north 4/27 Otter Tail SDM, 5/4 Clay LCF.
1993Summer Nested in Brown, Goodhue, Winona; probable breeding in Anoka, Washington. Observed in 26 additional counties as far north as Clay, Becker, Crow Wing.
1993Fall Late north 10/10 Lake DPV, 10/27 St. Louis JG. Late south 10/16 Brown JS, Houston JD, EMF, 10/18 Winona CS.
1994Spring Early south 3/27 Olmsted JSt, 4/1 Washington TEB; early north 4/23 Clay LCF, 4/28 Becker BBe.
1994Summer Nested in Winona; probable nesting in Anoka, Brown. Observed in 18 other southern counties plus Otter Tail.
1994Fall Late south 10/14 Houston, 10/20 Brown JS, Winona CS.
1995Spring Early south 4/8 Houston FL, JST, 4/14 Washington TEB; early north 4/17 Douglas SW, 4/22 Clay RO, 4/24 Polk MCBS.
1995Summer Nested in Anoka, Brown; probable nesting in Clay. Seen in 19 additional southern counties plus Traverse, Otter Tail, Douglas; also observed on 7/24 at Agassiz Dunes SNA in Polk Co. MCBS.
1995Fall Late south 10/23 Mower RRK, 10/24 Dakota CS, 11/19 Hennepin JBe.
1996Spring Early south 3/29 Hennepin fide AH, 3/30 Dakota (3) TT, 4/11 Hennepin SC and Winona CS. Early north 5/5 Polk SKS, 5/11 Todd JSK, SDu, 5/13 Becker BBe. Also 5/31 Red Lake SKS. 5/24 Red Lake (first county record)
1996Summer Nested in Anoka, Brown, Blue Earth; probable nesting in Becker. Seen in 25 additional southern counties plus Clay, Todd, Morrison.
1996Fall All north reports: 10/16 Wilkin Co. TT, 11/6 (latest north date) and Two Harbors, Lake Co. MH. Late south 10/23 Brown JSp and Hennepin SC, 10/27 Murray RgS.
1997Spring Early south 4/2 Houston EMF, 4/5 Dakota PBu, TT and Hennepin OJ. All north reports: 5/10 Becker BBe, 5/27 Pine (nest with four eggs) AH, PH.
1997Summer Observed in 28 southern counties plus Norman, Otter Tail, Todd, Crow Wing, Kanabec; probable breeding in Anoka, Washington. 6/1-31 Norman (second county record)
1997Fall No north reports. Late south 10/25 Olmsted CH, 11/4 Hennepin SC, 11/5 Freeborn RJ.
1997Winter Reported 1/25–2/8 Dakota DBM, mob.
1998Spring Early south 3/29 Freeborn ABa, 4/7 Rice TBo, 4/9 Brown JSp and Olmsted DA/BE. Early north 4/10 (earliest north date) Cook (Taconite Harbor) mob, 4/23 Morrison WB, 5/1 St. Louis (Duluth) KE.
1998Summer Observed in 25 southern counties plus Todd, Otter Tail, Clay. New nesting record in Rice JL, JLa; probable nesting in Todd, Fillmore. 6/23 Nobles (first county record)
1998Fall Only north report: 10/3 Morrison MJ/DT. Late south 10/25 Brown BBo, 10/26 Stearns MJ/DT. 9/6 Hubbard (second county record)
1999Spring Arrived south later than usual, where first reported 4/2 Dakota TT and Fillmore NO, AO, 4/3 Goodhue JSt. Early north 4/18 Otter Tail SDM, 5/6 Kanabec CM. Unusual report 5/30 Cook (Grand Marais) TN. 4/20 Nobles (second county record)
1999Summer Reported in 27 southern counties plus Traverse, Otter Tail, Todd, Morrison; new nesting record in Rock RbS.
1999Fall No north reports. No stragglers in the south, as indicated by these latest dates: 10/18 Chippewa ABo, 10/19 Hennepin SC, 10/20 Renville DF.
1999Winter Overwintered 12/21–2/22 at Mound Springs Park, Hennepin Co. †SC, KB et al. 12/21-2/22 Hennepin (second winter record), 2/6 Sherburne (first winter record)
2000Spring Observed in 25 south counties beginning 4/4 Scott RJ, then daily arrivals 4/8–16. Early north (recent median 4/24) 4/22 Cass MRN. Also seen in Douglas, Otter Tail, Clay, Polk (5/3 near Maple L., EF), Todd, Morrison. 5/3 Polk (first spring record)
2000Summer Record high number of reports; observed in 39 counties as far north as Polk in the west and Benton, Isanti in the south.
2000Fall Unexpected locations 10/19 St. Louis KRE, 11/23–27 Lake JWL, KRE, †PHS; no other north reports. Late south 10/29 Hennepin TAT and Wabasha JJS, 11/4 Isanti DPS.
2000Winter12/16 Chisago (first winter record)
2001Spring Observed in 36 south counties beginning 3/17 Houston FZL, then none for three weeks until 4/8–10 in five counties. Early north (median 4/24) 4/15 Aitkin †CLB, 4/22 Cass MRN. Other north reports: Otter Tail, Todd, Morrison, St. Louis (5/19, MH and 5/29, CRM).
2001Summer Observed in 28 counties as far north as a line through Clay, Crow Wing, Chisago. 7/13 Norman (third county record)
2001Fall All north reports after mid-August: 9/22 Otter Tail DTT, SMT, 10/6 St. Louis (Park Pt. in Duluth) fide KRE, 10/10 Lake (Knife River) JWL, 10/20 Cook (Grand Marais) BRL, 11/3 Cook (Lutsen) KS. Late south 10/20 Redwood RBJ, 11/4 Lyon RJS.
2002Spring Observed in 33 south counties beginning 4/7 Freeborn AEB and Hennepin TAT, 4/10 Rice TFB. Early north (recent median 4/23) 4/14 Otter Tail DTT, SMT, 4/26 Douglas REH. All other north reports: Clay, Morrison, Todd.
2002Summer Observed in 34 southern counties plus Otter Tail, Clay; new nesting record in Fillmore NBO.
2002Fall Only north report 8/10 Clay GEN. Late south 10/22 Murray CRM, 10/26 Hennepin SLC, 10/31 Dakota TAT, but also see winter report.
2002Winter All reports: 12/30 Waseca JEZ, 1/5 Hennepin TAT, 2/5 Olmsted †JWH, 2/8 Nicollet ChH. 2/8 Nicollet (first winter record), 2/5 Olmsted (fourth winter record)
2003Spring Arrived in 28 south counties (but see winter report) beginning 3/31 Hennepin SLC, then 4/10 Freeborn AEB, 4/11–15 in six counties. Record-early north 3/31 St. Louis JRN, then 4/11 Pine JMP, 4/24 Crow Wing MRN. Only other north reports: Otter Tail, Todd.
2003Summer Seen in 27 southern counties plus Clay, Otter Tail, Wadena, Todd, Cass, Crow Wing; also 7/26–27 Polk (Agassiz Dunes S.N.A.) SAS, PHS. 6/1-31 Wadena (second summer record)
2003Fall More reports than usual along the North Shore of L. Superior, including 10/3 St. Louis (Duluth Twp.) JCG, 10/17 Cook (Lutsen) JWL, KRE, and (late north) 11/14 Lake (Beaver Bay) JWL, 11/29 Lake (Silver Bay) ph. JWL. Late south 10/5 Anoka JLH and Fillmore NBO, 10/10 Rice DAB, 10/12 McLeod PRH.
2003Winterwinter Hennepin (third winter record)
2004Spring Arrived in 29 south counties as early as 3/20 Lac qui Parle BJU, 3/28 Rice DAB. Early north 4/25 Douglas and Grant PWP, 4/28 Otter Tail DTT, SMT. Unusual location 5/16 Cook (Schroeder) DJS; also observed in Clay, Todd, Traverse.
2004Summer Observed in 36 counties in all regions except Northeast, and as far northwest as 6/24 Polk (Agassiz Dunes S.N.A.) KLP; new nesting record in Chippewa BJU.
2004Fall Reported from five north counties; latest 10/18 Cook †SLF, 10/19 Otter Tail JEB, 10/20 Clay JEB. Late south 10/20 Hennepin JLH, 10/27 Winona FZL. Highest reported counts 9/9 Pine (7) JMP, 10/9 Houston (5) FZL.
2005Spring Observed in 35 south and 8 north counties, and in all regions except the Northeast. Early south (median 3/30) 4/5 Olmstead LAV, 4/7 Brown BRB and Hennepin LS. Early north (median 4/23) 4/20 Otter Tail DTT, SMT, then no reports until 5/5. 5/21 Nobles (third county record), 5/9 Norman (fourth spring record), 5/9 Polk (second spring record)
2005Summer Record high number of reports: observed in 42 counties south and west of a line through Polk, Mille Lacs, Washington, Houston. 6/21, 7/2 Norman (fifth county record)
2005Fall Reported from seven north counties, including unusual location 9/1 Beltrami BJU. Late north 10/9 Carlton JMP. Many reports August through mid-October in southern regions. Second-highest fall count 10/1 Steele (6 at Rice Lake S.P.) JWH. 10/9 Carlton (first fall record), 9/9 Crow Wing (first fall record), 9/7 Pine (first fall record)
2006Spring Reported from 42 south counties beginning 4/4 Hennepin JLO, 4/6–8 in 10 counties (recent median 3/30). Early north 4/15 Mille Lacs HHD, 4/16 Otter Tail DTT, SMT; also reported from Pine, St. Louis (5/10, MTh), Todd.
2006Summer Reported from 51 counties in all regions except North-central.
2006Fall All north reports: 8/8 Mille Lacs ASc, 10/1 Mille Lacs HHD, 10/28 Lake †JWL, KRE. Record-high fall counts 10/9 Washington (16) RBJ, 10/14 Scott (13 at Louisville Swamp) BAF. Late south 10/16 Freeborn JWH, 10/17 Big Stone RBJ, 10/20 Blue Earth BRB. 10/28 Lake (second county record)
2007Spring746 Early south 3/24 Goodhue BRL, 4/2 Dakota CMB (median 4/1). Early north 4/22 Otter Tail DTT, 4/23 Mille Lacs HHD (median 4/21). High count 4/22 Scott (19 at Murphy-Hanrehan P.R.) BAF.
2007Summer1140 Observed in all regions except the Northeast. 7/29 Pennington (fourth summer record), 6/15 Wadena (third summer record)
2007Fall330 All north reports 8/1 Mille Lacs ASc, Otter Tail DTT, 9/12 St. Louis fide JWL (median 10/20). Late south 10/14 Rice JLO, Scott BAF, 10/15 Olmsted LAV, 10/17 Dakota JEB, 10/21 Dakota BAF, Olmsted LAV (median 10/27). Season high count 9/9 Dakota (14) ADS. All reports of this species ceased after the third week of October.
2008Spring944 Early south (median 3/31) 4/4 Dakota JPM, 4/5 Brown BTS, Fillmore HHD, Lac qui Parle BJU, 4/6 Hennepin, Rice and Rock. Early north (median 4/22) 4/17 Itasca ph. EEO, 4/22 Otter Tail DST, 4/23 Mille Lacs and Morrison. Noteworthy high counts 4/27 Scott (20, Murphy-Hanrehan P.R.) BAF, 5/13 Lac qui Parle (13, Lac qui Parle C.P.) BJU, 5/26 Scott (13, Louisville Swamp) BAF. 4/6, 17 Itasca (second county record), 5/25 Kittson (third county record)
2008Summer1033 Observed in all regions except Northeast. First county breeding record from Carver JCy. 6/30 Hubbard (third county record)
2008Fall429 All north 8/3 Otter Tail DST, 8/7 Mille Lacs ASc, 10/16 St. Louis fide JWL, 10/21 Douglas fide JMJ (median 10/20). Late south 10/11 Carver JCy, Chisago LS, Le Sueur JCC, Washington BAF, 10/12 Ramsey HHD, 10/19 Hennepin WCM, Scott BAF (median 10/27). Season high counts 8/7 Scott 26, BAF, 9/13 Pope 20, MJB. This season was typical in that this species left the state by late October.
2008Winter12/13 Sherburne (second winter record)
2009Spring944 Early south (median 3/31) 4/11 Fillmore NBO, 4/12 Hennepin BAF, Washington DBM, 4/13 Hennepin CMB, Rice TFB. Early north (median 4/22) 4/14 Mille Lacs ASc, 4/25 Douglas JPE, 4/28 St. Louis FKB, 5/1 Otter Tail DST. Season high counts 5/2 Scott (18) BAF, 5/9 Carver (10) JCy. 5/28 Cass (third county record), 5/1 Nobles (fourth county record)
2009Summer936 Found in all regions of state. New county record: 6/6 Koochiching AXH. First county breeding records for Chisago AXH, Dakota SLP. 6/11 Hubbard (fourth county record), 6/6 Koochiching (first county record)
2009Fall232 Season high count 9/6 Carver (20) JCy. Only north reports 8/5–11 Mille Lacs ASc, 9/19 Mille Lacs ASc and an unexpected individual 10/19 St. Louis PHS (median 10/20). Late south 10/13 Hennepin CMB, 10/14–16 Carver JCy, 10/17 Hennepin CRM, Jackson JEB, 10/18 Lac qui Parle HCT, Scott (7) BAF (median 10/26).
2010Spring844 Early south (median 4/1) 3/27 Rice TFB, 3/31 Olmsted JWH, 4/2 Goodhue LS, Winona ANy, 4/3 Houston KRo, LS. Early north (median 4/21) 4/5 Mille Lacs ASc, 4/15 Clay DPW, 4/17 Douglas JPE, 4/19 Otter Tail CSu. Season high counts 5/12 Washington (24) MDu, 5/9 Scott (14) BAF, 4/23 Carver (12) JCy. 4/28, 5/17, 23 Cass (fourth county record), 5/3 Lake (third county record)
2010Summer1238 Found throughout state south of a line from Clay to Cass to Carlton. First county breeding record from Todd JLK.
2010Fall632 Unusual north report 9/26–28 St. Louis RTe, PHS. Season high counts 9/5 Carver (12) JCy, 10/9 Scott (11) BAF, 8/1 Carver (9) JCy.Reported throughout its normal range until mid-October. Late north 10/3 Mille Lacs SMC, 10/11 Mille Lacs ASc, 10/22 Douglas JPE (median 10/20). Late south 10/18 Hennepin TAT, Lac qui Parle BJU, 10/21 McLeod RTe, Sherburne JGb, 10/22 Hennepin ALD (median 10/26).
2011Spring1249 Reported from most south but few north counties. Unusual north were 4/28 St. Louis (Sky Harbor Airport) MH, 5/4 Kittson TrB. Early south 4/3 Blue Earth ChH, 4/5 Scott (2) JMN, Stearns EMa, 4/6 Rice DAB, TFB. Early north (median 4/21) 4/18 Mille Lacs ASc, 4/20 Becker ASM, 4/22 Morrison FGo. High count 5/24 Washington (20, Grey Cloud Dunes S.N.A.) PNi. 5/4 Kittson (fourth county record), 5/9 Pennington (fifth county record)
2011Summer1142Found in all regions of state. Unusual location 6/6 Roseau (Beltrami S.F., Thompson Forest Road) DWi. High counts 7/24 Scott (19, Murphy-Hanrehan P.R., south trails) BAF, 6/5 Washington (17, Grey Cloud Dunes S.N.A.) SBM. 6/10 Beltrami (third county record), 6/4 Lake (fourth county record), 6/8 Roseau (first county record)
2011Fall436 High counts 10/12 Hennepin (44, record high, Eden Prairie) SLC, 9/5 Hennepin (27, Crow-Hassan P.R.) BeS, 9/22 Scott (24, Murphy-Hanrehan P.R.) BeS. All north 8/20 Grant BJU, 8/21 Traverse BJU, 9/24 Douglas JPE, 10/2–3 Morrison FGo. Late south 10/24 Rice DAT, Scott (Murphy-Hanrehan P.R.) BeS, 10/31 Hennepin SLC, 11/7 Hennepin (Hyland P.R.) BeH (median 10/26).
2011Winter1Only report was record late: 12/31 Dakota ADS, TAT.
2012Spring1146 Early south (median 4/1) 3/17 Goodhue (Wacouta and Frontenac S.P.) BRL, 3/18 Dakota CMB, 3/21 Hennepin ALD, Washington KMo, PSm, Winona ANy. Early north (median 4/21) 4/9 Morrison FGo, 4/13 Crow Wing FGo, 4/22 Grant DFN. High counts 4/15 Fillmore (20) CWG, 5/13 Sherburne (20, Sherburne N.W.R.) SOa, 5/27 Sherburne (20, Sherburne N.W.R.) TLo. Only report north of a line from Otter Tail to Aitkin was 5/11 Marshall GAK. 5/11 Marshall (third county record)
2012Summer1245 Found in all regions except Northeast. High count 6/30 Washington (25, William O'Brien S.P.) PNi. 6/2, 15 Hubbard (fifth county record), 6/1 Itasca (third county record), 6/7 Koochiching (second county record)
2012Fall1034 High counts 8/20 Washington (12, Lake Elmo R.P.) BTw, 8/23 Washington (12, Afton S.P.) BTw. Late north 9/26 Todd JLK, 9/29 Douglas JPE, 10/6 Clay MO, Douglas JPE (median 10/20). Late south 10/26 Freeborn DWa, 10/28 Scott (5, Louisville Swamp, Minnesota Valley N.W.R.) †BAF, 11/12 Hennepin (Hyland Lake P.R.) CAs (median 10/26). 9/21 Crow Wing (second county record), 8/2 Hubbard (sixth fall record), 9/13 Pine (second fall record)
2012Winter3 Second year in a row of this rare winter species: 12/11 and 12/22 Dakota (Riverwood Park) †DVe, 12/19 McLeod (Schaefer Prairie) DAs, 2/9 Washington (3, presumably overwintering, Grey Cloud Dunes S.N.A., 1 photographed) ph. SBM. 12/19 McLeod (first winter record), 2/9 Washington (fourth winter record)
2013Spring1246 One reported 3/2 Rice DAB, MJB was likely an overwintering individual. Early south (median 4/1) 4/1 Kandiyohi MJB, 4/5 Rice TFB, 4/6 Winona HHD, 4/7 Brown MiO. Early north (median 4/21) 4/25 Morrison FGo, 4/27 Todd JeM, 4/28 Beltrami FGo, Douglas PJK, Otter Tail RZi, VLa. High counts 5/18 Yellow Medicine (18, Upper Sioux Agency S.P.) CoN, 5/7 Scott (16, Murphy-Hanrehan P.R.) BAb. 4/28 Beltrami (fourth spring record), 5/18 Cass (fifth spring record), 5/16 Martin (first spring record)
2013Summer1147 Reported from all regions except Northwest. First county breeding record for Crow Wing MJB. 6/16 Beltrami (fifth summer record), 6/18 Wadena (fourth summer record)
2013Fall733 High count 8/10 Rock (18, Blue Mounds S.P.) RyM. Late north 10/6 Morrison KEm, 10/7 Todd JLK, 10/16 Todd DTM, JeM, and 10/24–26 Lake (Two Harbors) ANy, DBz, BWF, RMD, JWH. (median 10/20). Late south 10/14 Washington (12, Grey Cloud Dunes S.N.A.) PNi, 10/16 Olmsted (Willow Creek Reservoir) LAV, 10/18 Carver (2, Carver P. R.) JCy (median 10/26). 8/7-10 Crow Wing (third county record), 10/26 Lake (fifth fall record), 8/2, 9/1 Wadena (fifth fall record)
2013Winter1 An individual record late north provided the third consecutive year with a rare winter sighting of this species:12/5–6 Cass ph. BAW. 12/5, 6 Cass (sixth winter record)
2014Spring5/29 Carlton (second county record), 5/19 Nobles (fifth county record)
2015Spring5/2 Beltrami
 Breeds south and central.


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