Seasonal Report Archive for The Loon - Towhees, Sparrows
This is the 1930 to present seasonal report archive for
The Loon, journal of the Minnesota Ornithologists' Union.
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Lark Sparrow(Chondestes grammacus)
1897Fall8/17 Fillmore (first fall record)
1920Fall9/9 Fillmore (second fall record)
1930SummerThe only nest of this distinctive member of the sparrow family was found by Rulph Woolsey at Shakopee on June 2nd1 and held five eggs.
1931SummerAlden Risser found a nest containing three fresh eggs on Hay 26th.
1932SummerMrs. Wilson saw adult Lark Sparrows carrying food ~t Montevideo, July 8, and on the 2oth young Lark Sparrows were on the wi-~g ~d feeding th~selvos.
1933Summer A nest with one young bird was found on July 4th near Red Wing by Cummings.
1934Summer Our only data on occupied nests comes from St. Cloud. lliemcnz found a nest on June 22nd, when it held 3 eggs. vJhen he revisited it on June 27th, one egg had hatc:hed,.another wns hatching, and the third wo.s gone, but o. fresh Brown-headed Cowbird's egg had been added. He points out that it is not improbc.ble that the Brown-headed Cowbird r~1oved the missing egg..Another nest ifit,h 3 eggs was found by Hiemenz and funson on June 27th. Mr:::. ~Jilson saw young able to fly but still being fed, on July 15th at Hontovideo.
1935Summer Prosser's trained eye caught sight of a female Lark Sparrow hollowing out a cup-shaped depression at the basG of a small bush in readiness for a nest May 27th when Prosser was at Coon Crook uith the bird class. On June 9th, this nest hold 3 Lark Sparrow eggs and a Brown-headed Cowbird egg. At Madison, Mrs. Peterson identified a Lark Sparrow loThich was feeding young able to fly June 23rd.
1937SummerMr. W.]. Brecken­ ridge found a nest of five eggs on the sand dunes of Anoka County on June 9· On June 15 he found young lark finches at the same place.
1938SummerOn June 3 Rys­gaard, Breckenridge, and Berthel found a nearly completed nest near Afton.
1943SummerJuly 1, Ha&~i·ng.:, 3 eggs. Bros. Lewis and Pius.
1946SummerBuilding and 3 eggs, May 25, Dakota Co., Bro. Hubert.
1961SpringSeen in Ramsey County 27 April by R. Grant. Seen 21 May in Big Stone County by Avifauna! Club members.
1962SpringMay 16 Winona, Hiawatha Valley Bird Club; May 20 Barden Sand Dunes, Scott Co., Bob Janssen.
1962SummerJune 17, Sand Dunes State Forest, Sherburne Co., singing male seen by W. R. Pieper and R. Huber.
1963SpringMay 8, Winona, the Dahms; May 11, Scott Co., Avifauna! Club.
1963SummerScott Co., near Savage, Aug. 1, 2 ad with 5 y out of nest, Avifauna! Club.
1964Spring5-12 Anoka Co, LJ; 5-2 Sherburne Co, RPR; 5-5 Winona, GD; 4-26 Scott Co, RG; 5-2 Wabasha Co, RBJ.
1964Summer7-25, Hennepin Co, ad feeding 2y, MAS.
1965Springearliest 4-24 Sherburne Co, EAG, RPR; 5-10 Fargo, LWJ and one exceptional record on 5-7 at Schroeder, MOP (details?).
1965Fall9-20 Cyrus, Pope Co, WH (details?), only report. 9/20 Pope (first county record)
1966Summerreported from Anoka, Stearns, Sherburne, Carver, Wright, Fillmore and Scott Co's.
1967Springearly 4-4 Hennepin Co., FN/ MAS; 4-5(1), 5-13(2) Cook Co., MOP, excellent details; 4-14 Stearns Co., RPR.
1967Summer6-27 Anoka Co., nest with Sy, ELC; small colony found in Richland Co., North Dakota (adjacent to Wilkin Co., Minn.) by JAH; also reported from Houston, Sherburne, McLeod, Wabasha, Jackson, Fillmore, FARGOMOORHEAD (fide EGA); may be extending range northwestward.
1967Fall 9-9 Stearns Co., 1, KE; only report.
1968Spring early 4-28 Carver Co., EMB and Fargo-Moorhead, fide EGA; 5-10 Sherburne Co., 40, KE; 5-18 Nobles Co., HSH; 5-27 Lac qui Parle Co., KE; one northwesterly record, 5-30 Wahpeton, North Dakota (just across river from Breckenridge, Minn.), 2, RLH.
1968Summer nested in Sherburne Co (RLH); also reported from Kanabec, Scott, Wabasha Co's.
1968Fall8-30 Watonwan DMF; 9-12 St. Louis JCG; 9-15 Hennepin (Eden Prairie) VL.
1969Spring5-4 Jackson Co., HSH, and Two Harbors, RK; 5-6 Two Harbors, RK; 5-4 Jackson Co., HSH, and Clay Co., RBJ.
1969Summerreported from Wabasha, Sherburne, Red Lake (RBJ, JJG), and Pennington (RBJ, JJG) Co's.
1969Fall11-30 Chisago 2 FVS.
1970Spring4-27 Goodhue (12) KE; 5-10 Sherburne (3) KE; 5-17 Goodhue EB; 5-18 Scott RG ; 5-21 Wabasha TV; only reports.
1970Summernested in Anoka· Co. and reported from Winona and Wabasha Co's. {Sand Prairie, BTV). Slate·colored Junco: possibly nested in Crow Wing Co. (1 juvenile seen on 8-2, TS). Reported from Beltrami, St. Louis, Lake, and Cook Co's.
1970Fall9-4 Anoka (20} BL; only report.
1971Springearly south 5-8 Wabasha TV; 5-9 Anoka, Ron Huber; 5-15 Sherburne RLD; only reports north: 5-8 Marshall KE, RR; 5-10 Duluth MMC.
1971Summernested in Sherburne; no other reports.
1971Fall2 reports Lackore; 9-24 Grant KE.
1972Summerseen in Anoka, Sherburne, Lyon (HCK).
1973Summer Seen in Anoka, Sherburne, Washington.
1974Summer Nested in Anoka and Polk; also reported from Stearns, Hennepin, Scott, Nicollet.
1975Spring Early south 5-2 Anoka REH; 5-3 Rock KE; 5-8 Anoka SC and Le Sueur RAG; only report north 5-14 and 5-15 St. Louis (1) JCG.
1975Summer Reported from Clay, Renville, Sherburne and Houston; note the different locations of these counties; the range of this species continues to defy description.
1976Spring Early south 5-4 Olmsted VH; 5-5 Anoka KL; 5-6 Olmsted Helen Tucker; 1 report north 5-28 Clearwater ETS.
1976Summerreported from Marshall (6-26, BB), Sherburne (5 on 7-31, DGW), Anoka (3 locations on 6-18, KL) and Wabasha (7-13 and 7-24, up to 7, F. Lesher and BJ).
1976Fall 9-11 Otter Tail GO, GW; only report. 9/11 Otter Tail (first county record)
1977Spring Early south 4-15 Cottonwood ED; 4-24 Sherburne DGW; 5-8 Renville KE; no reports south.
1977Summer Nested in Renville (7-4, Minnesota R., 4 adults and 5 young; PE); also reported from Sherburne, Anoka and Wabasha.
1977Fall Only report 8-16 Traverse (RJ).
1978Summer Breeding reported from Anoka; seen also in Wabasha, Nicollet, Sherburne, Renville, Yellow Medicine, and Polk.
1979Spring Early south 4-16 Sherburne JH, 4-27 Anoka KL, Nicollet LCF; one report: north 5-3 Clay LCF.
1979Fall Two reports: 8-3 Nicollet JCF, 8-22 Cottonwood CMB.
1980Spring Early south 4-25 Nicollet JCF, 4-30 Nicollet EB; early north 5-5 Beltrami JM, 5-18 Red Lake RJ.
1980Summer Breeding reported from Anoka; also seen in Sherburne, Wright, Nicollet, Otter Tail, Wilkin, Clay, Red Lake.
1980Fall One report: 8-1 Nicollet JCF.
1981Spring Early south 4-25 Anoka GP, 4-27 Anoka SC, 5-6 Anoka KL. One report north: 5-24 Polk SM.
1981Fall Two reports: 8-12 Clay LCF, 8-19 Winona CMB.
1982Spring Early south 4-25 Houston JP1AM 4-26 Sherburne EHI SS, 5-1 Anoka JLH; early north 5-19 Wilkin KSS, 5-23 Clay LCF, 5-31 B ltrami RJ.
1982Summer Breeding data from Polk, Anoka, Dakota, Wabasha, Houston. Also seen in Clay, Sherburne, Renville, Nicollet.
1983Spring Early south 5/1 Anoka SC, 5/7 Houston FL, 5/16 Nicollet JSp; early north 5/10 Clay LCF, 5/15 Polk TL, 5/27 Norman RJ.
1983Summer Breeding data from Anoka. Seen in Wabasha, Dakota, Sherburne, Douglas, Clay, Polk.
1983Fall Two reports 8/10 Wabasha JP/AM, 8/28 Polk KL.
1984Spring Early south 4/23 Anoka SC, 4/28 Anoka JH, 4/29 Anoka DZ; early north 4/28 Otter Tail GMO, 5/9 Otter Tail SDM, 5/10 Clay LCF.
1984Summernested in Anoka and Clay (6/20 Moorhead, 2 young -LCF); also seen in Cook (6/1 Poplar L. and 7/6 Grand Marais -KMH), Washington, Sherburne, Nicollet, Dakota, Grant, Chippewa, Renville and Kittson (6/29, 3 pairs -SKS).
1984Fall One report 10/22 Cook KMH.
1985Spring Early south 4/26 Anoka SC, GP, 4/28 Anoka JH, Houston FL, 4/30 Dakota JD; early north 5/2 Becker MBW, 5/4 Clay LCF, 5/5 Otter Tail SDM.
1985Summer Nested in Anoka; probable nesting m Becker. Also seen in Clay, Sherburne, Wabasha, Goodhue, Nicollet.
1985Fall One report 8/25 Clay LCF.
1986Spring Early south 4/20 Anoka SC, 4/24 Anoka ES, 4/27 Anoka GP; early north 4/29 St. Louis KE, 5/6 Clay LCF, 5/7 Otter Tail SDM.
1986Summer Probable nesting in Clay, Otter Tail (one long-tailed young out of nest being fed by adults, Seven Sisters Prairie, SDM), Anoka. Also seen in Polk, Red Lake, Isanti, Dakota, Wabasha, Olmsted, Winona, Houston.
1986Fall Late north 9/1 Duluth T. Savaloja; late south 8/9 Dakota JP/AM, 8/15 Anoka JH, 9/27 Mower JM. 9/1 St. Louis (first county record)
1987Spring Early south 4/19 Anoka SC, GP, 4/24 Dakota JD, 4/28 Wabasha RJE; early north 4/13 Cook EH, 5/10 Red Lake RG, RJ, 5/15 Duluth fide KE. 4/13 Cook (first spring record)
1987Summer Nested in Clay; probable nesting in Anoka. Also seen in Red Lake, Renville, Nicollet.
1988Spring Early south 4/25 Anoka SC, 5/1 Dakota JD, 5/13 Nicollet JF; early north 4/30 Clay LCF, 5/10 Red Lake RJ, 5/20 Norman MS.
1988Summer Nested in Anoka, Yellow Medicine (JSc). Also seen in Aitkin (6/23, McGregor, fide KE), Clay, Sherburne, LeSueur. 6/23 Aitkin (first county record)
1988Fall Late north 8/9 Marshall AB, 8/22 Clay LCF, 10/10 Cook KMH; late south 9/19 Nicollet JF, 8/25 Cottonwood ED. 10/10 Cook (second fall record)
1989Spring Early south 4/14 Anoka JH, 4/18 Washington DS, 4/22 Anoka GP; early north 5/8 OtterTail RG, 5/17 Clay LCF, 5/27 Duluth AB. Lark Bunting. One report: 5/25 Wilkin KB.
1989Summer Relatively few reports none from the northwest. Probable nesting in Anoka; also seen in Sherburne, Blue Earth, Wabasha.
1989Fall One report 10/20 Cook KMH. 10/20 Cook (third fall record)
1990Spring Early south 4/22 Anoka GP, 4/26 Sherburne SNWR, 5/2 and 5/11 Rock PG; early north 5/10 Clay LCF, 5/27 Polk AB.
1990Summer Many more reports than usual. Nested in Anoka, probable nesting in Houston; also seen in Washington, Polk, Sibley, Nicollet, Clay, Renville, Marshall, Wabasha, Otter Tail, Becker, Le Sueur, Sherburne.
1990Fall All reports: 8/4 Anoka GP, 8/19 Wilkin MO.
1991Spring Early south 4/22 Anoka GP; early north 4/12-19, Duluth KE, PS, PB.
1991Summer Nested in Anoka; probable nesting in Clay, Washington. Also seen in Kittson, Roseau, Polk, Renville, Sherburne, Wabasha.
1991Fall Late north 8/30 Becker BB.
1992Spring Early south 4/29 Dakota, 5/3 Sherburne GS; early north 5/5 St. Louis AE, 5/9 Becker BBe and Wadena DB. 5/9 Wadena (first county record)
1992Summer Many reports. Nested in Anoka; probable nesting in Marshall, Clay. Also seen in Kittson, Red Lake, Becker, Sherburne, Washington, Renville, Scott, Blue Earth, Wabasha.
1992Fall Late north 8/1 Becker BBe; late south 8/6 Goodhue BL, 8/16 Renville HT.
1993Spring Early south 4/23 Hennepin OJ, 4/24 Goodhue BL. Early north 4/27 Becker BBe, 4/30 Clay LCF.
1993Summer More reports than usual. Nested in Anoka, Wabasha; probable nesting in Kittson, Becker, Carver. Also reported in Roseau, Marshall, Grant, Crow Wing, Sherburne, Chisago, Washington, Hennepin, Sibley, Brown, Goodhue.
1993Fall Late north 8/21 Wadena RG. Late south 8/21 Wabasha WM, 8/22 Wabasha PB, Winona KE. 8/21 Wadena (second county record)
1994Spring Early south 4/23 Anoka JH, 4/24 Anoka SC, CF and Chippewa AB; early north 4/27 Becker BBe, 5/2 Red Lake KSS. 5/24 Cook (fourth spring record)
1994Summer Nested in Otter Tail SDM, Anoka; probable nesting in Becker, Goodhue. Also reported in Clay, Sherburne, Chisago, Washington, Dakota, Houston.
1994Fall One report: 8/8 Goodhue DSm.
1994Winter Amazing winter record reported 12/18 Rice GB (The Loon 67:67). First winter record, and latest date by almost two months. 12/17, 18 Rice (first winter record)
1995Spring Early south reports 4/30 Pipestone AB, 5/5 Nicollet KE, 5/6 Dakota County TT; early north reports 5/8 Becker BBe, 5/20 Cook OSL and St. Louis DBe, 5/22 Lake KE, PS. 5/20 Cook (fifth county record), 4/30 Pipestone (first county record)
1995Summer Nested in Polk, Anoka; also seen in Roseau, Marshall, Becker, Otter Tail, Sherburne, Isanti, Carver, Ramsey, Washington.
1995Fall Late north 8/15 Becker County BBe, 9/27 (third latest date north) Kittson SKS. Late south 8/12 Sherburne KB, 8/20 Anoka RH.
1996Spring Early south 4/13 Waseca JZ, 4/28 Anoka JH, 5/2 Goodhue DBS. Early north 4/30 St. Louis NJ, 5/5 Polk SKS, 5/7 Becker BBe.
1996Summer Nested in Anoka; also reported in Roseau, Becker, Morrison, Sherburne, Brown, Scott, Dakota, Wabasha.
1996Fall Only report 8/3 Nicollet MF.
1997Spring Early south 4/26 Anoka JH and Goodhue BL, 5/3 Wabasha DN. All north reports: 5/10 Becker BBe, 5/17 Clay GN, 5/19 Kittson GS, 5/26 Roseau PS et al.
1997Summer Probable nesting in Sherburne, Winona; also observed in Roseau, Clay, Otter Tail, Anoka, Scott, Dakota, Rice, Wabasha.
1997Fall All reports: 8/3 Washington GS, 8/10 Sherburne PBu, 8/15 St. Louis (Cotton) fide KE
1998Spring Early south 4/26 Pope SDM, 5/1 Anoka RH, 5/3 Sherburne DJe. Early north 5/16 Clay AH, PS, 5/17 Marshall AH, PS, 5/29 Morrison WB. Also reported from Rock (Blue Mounds S. P.) on 5/21 by PS. 4/26 Pope (second county record)
1998Summer Reported in Kittson, Clay, Renville, Sherburne, Anoka, Chisago, Scott, Wabasha.
1998Fall All reports: 8/15 Lac qui Parle KE, 8/21 Anoka RH, 8/31–9/2 Lake JLi, 10/3 Rock KE. 8/31-9/2 Lake (first fall record), 10/3 Rock (first fall record)
1999Spring Early south 4/25 Lac qui Parle BSe and Anoka JH, then no reports until 5/3 Washington RJ. Few reports and apparently arrived later than usual north, where first reported 5/17 Morrison WB.
1999Summer Observed in Marshall, Otter Tail, Kandiyohi, Renville, Anoka, Washington, Scott, Dakota, and Wabasha. 7/14 Kandiyohi (first county record), 6/14 Otter Tail (second county record)
1999Fall More north than south reports! All north reports: 8/18 Traverse CMa, 9/20 Cook DBM, 9/23 Morrison MJ/DT. Only south report: 8/24 Dakota TT.
2000Spring Observed in 11 south counties within usual breeding range, plus 5/31 Kandiyohi RJF. Early south (recent median 4/23) 4/21 Chisago RH, 4/22 Dakota SWe. All north reports: 5/13 St. Louis TW, 5/14 Lake JLi, 5/15 Douglas RH, 5/20 Otter Tail SDM. 5/15 Douglas (first county record), 5/31 Kandiyohi (second county record)
2000Summer Most reports since 1993. Observed in Kittson, Norman, Otter Tail, Mille Lacs, Benton, Isanti, Sherburne, Anoka, Washington, Scott, Renville, Brown, Blue Earth; plus 7/27 St. Louis (singing male at Park Point, Duluth) fide KRE.
2000Fall All: 8/26 Norman KRE, 9/1 Anoka REH, 9/30 Lac qui Parle JJS.
2001Spring Observed in 11 south counties within normal breeding range, plus 5/1 Martin CRM, JJS. Arrived south on time, where first seen 4/23 Dakota CRM. All north reports: 5/8 Kittson PHS, approximately 5/11 Polk fide BAB, 5/12 St. Louis (state highway 135) ALE, 5/13 St. Louis (Lakewood Twp.) †TPW, 5/18+ Pennington JMJ.
2001Summer Observed in Kittson, Polk, Pennington, Crow Wing, Sherburne, Anoka, Dakota, Wabasha, Blue Earth; plus 7/28 Rock (migrant?) TAT.
2001Fall All reports: 8/18 Meeker DMF, 8/23 Scott (2) RBJ, 8/25 Wilkin TAT. 8/18 Meeker (first county record), 9/7 Ramsey (first county record)
2002Spring Observed in 14 south and 5 north counties, including 5/15 Murray (Lowville Twp.) †DFJ, 5/26 Cass (Heartland Trail) †DRu. No reports from Northeast. Early south 4/20 Goodhue BRL, 4/28 in three counties. Early north 5/4 Clay RHO and Traverse RBJ, 5/15 Polk EEF. Unusual location 5/28+ Hennepin SLC (nested, see summer report).
2002Summer New nesting records in Sherburne PLJ, Hennepin SLC, Scott RMD; also observed in Polk, Pennington, Yellow Medicine, Stearns, Isanti, Anoka, Carver, Sibley, Le Sueur, Dakota, Wabasha. 6/14 Rock (second summer record)
2002Fall All reports: 8/1 Hennepin (2, see summer report) SLC, 8/10 Clay RHO, 8/11 Traverse PHS, 8/25 Clay (Felton Prairie) PHS, 10/14 (second latest date south) Carver/McLeod RMD.
2003Spring Observed in 12 south and 5 north counties. No reports from North-central or Northeast, and only Redwood in Southwest, Nicollet in South-central. Early south 4/18 Anoka KJB, 4/25 Anoka JLH and Dakota ADS. Early north 5/3 Clay fide JMJ, 5/4 Polk EEF.
2003Summer Reported in Polk, Pennington, Red Lake, Sherburne, Anoka, Washington, Scott, Renville, Nicollet, Blue Earth.
2003Fall All reports: 8/5 Sherburne PLJ, 8/22 Wabasha JLU, 8/30 Red Lake PHS, 9/1 Sherburne KTP, 9/15 Cook EO.
2004Spring Reported from 15 south and 10 north counties, including 5/2 Big Stone (2 locations) PCC, PHS, 5/14 Pine (Chengwatana S.F.) DFN. No reports from North-central or Northeast. Early south 4/18 Lac qui Parle BJU, 4/21 Wabasha JJS. Early north 5/2 Polk EEF, 5/5 Clay JEB, RBJ. 4/24 Meeker (second county record), 5/14 Pine (first county record)
2004Summer Reported in three north and seven south counties, including pair with begging juvenile 7/4 Brown BTS.
2004Fall Record-late north 11/7 Cook KRE, JJS. Only south report 8/3 Sherburne PLJ. 11/7 Cook (sixth fall record)
2005Spring Reported from ten south and seven north counties, including 5/19 Yellow Medicine WCM. First county occurrence 5/7 Mille Lacs (west shore of Mille Lacs L.) ph. KWR; remainder of north reports from Northwest region. Arrived within two days of recent medians south (4/23) and north (5/4). Early south 4/21, 4/25 Wabasha JJS, LS. Early north 5/5 Polk EEF. Highest reported count 5/29 Washington (6) AWJ. 5/23-24 Itasca (first county record), 3/20 Kandiyohi (third county record)
2005Summer Seen in four north and fifteen south counties. 6/16 Swift (first county record)
2005Fall All north reports: 8/23 Clay JEB, 8/24 Polk JEB, 8/30 Cook CJT. First county record 8/4, 8/23 Lincoln BJU. Only subsequent report: 10/14 Lac qui Parle BJU. 8/30 Cook (seventh fall record)
2006Spring Observed in 18 south counties beginning 4/14 Swift BJU, 4/20 Nicollet RMD, 4/21 Lac qui Parle BJU. Three reports north: 5/5 Clay (Bicentennial Prairie) PBB, 5/9 Polk DLT, 5/19 Cook (Grand Marais campground) JWL. Recent median arrivals: south 4/23, north 5/4. 5/19 Cook , 3/1 Pine (second county record)
2006Summer Observed in 21 counties in all regions except North-central, Northeast.
2006Fall Only north report: 9/4 Traverse BJU. Unusual location 9/3 Nobles (Worthington W.T.P.) †BTS. Late south 9/26 Lac qui Parle BJU, 10/5 Yellow Medicine BJU.
2007Spring1020 Early south 4/25 Sherburne ASc, 4/26 Big Stone BJU (median 4/22). Early north 4/27 Marshall fide JMJ, 4/28 Clay PBB, RHO (median 5/5). Unusual in Northeast 4/29 Lake JWL, 4/30 Cook CJT. New county record 5/27 Hubbard PBB. Record high spring counts 4/28 Sherburne (7) JBB, 5/28 Anoka (10) AXH.
2007Summer520 Observed in all regions except North-central and Northeast. Unusual report 6/17 Fillmore CAB. High count 6/22 Anoka (10, Helen Allison Savannah S.N.A.) RBJ.
2007Fall611 All north reports: 8/25 Polk and Red Lake HHD, 8/31 Becker DPG, Pennington BJU, 9/8 Kanabec DPG, 9/13 Itasca SC. Late south 9/12 Redwood JEB, 9/21 Dakota SWe, 9/26 Meeker DMF, 9/28 Sherburne ASc. 9/13 Itasca (second fall record), 9/26 Meeker (third county record), 8/21 Swift (second county record)
2008Spring920 Early south (median 4/22) 4/22 Sherburne PLJ, 4/23 Lac qui Parle BJU, 4/26 Chippewa RBW, 4/28 Dakota JPM, Goodhue JWH, 4/29 Le Sueur RBJ. Second county record 5/3 Mower ARW. Early north 4/24 Traverse DBM, 4/26 Polk LS, m.ob., 4/30 Otter Tail fide JMJ. Unusual locations 5/27 Lake (Castle Danger W.T.P.) DBz, JWH, 5/31 St. Louis (Bayfront Festival Park) CAG, m.ob. 5/24 Meeker (fourth county record), 5/3, 10 Mower (first county record), 4/30 Otter Tail (third county record), 5/31 St. Louis (second county record)
2008Summer222 Observed in all regions except North-central, Northeast, Southwest. North reports from Clay, Red Lake.
2008Fall36 All north 8/9 Beltrami PBD, 8/24 St. Louis ph. BCM, 9/9 Cook SC. Late south 8/16 Lyon JLO, DWK, 8/17 Carver JCC, 8/25 Meeker DMF, 9/12 Lac qui Parle BJU. 9/9 Cook (ninth fall record), 8/25 Meeker (fifth county record), 8/24 St. Louis (third county record)
2009Spring1228 Arrived exactly on the median date 4/22 Carver JCy, 4/24 Cottonwood DHr, Rice DAB, 4/25 Stearns PCC, 4/26 Fillmore JWH. Early north (median 5/4) 5/2 Grant DPG, 5/6 Polk RWa, 5/10 Kanabec DBM. Unusual location 5/17 St. Louis (Leif Erikson Park) KJB, 5/19 St. Louis (Park Point Recreation Area) ph. PHS. Season high counts 5/8 Sibley (8) WCM, 5/15 Carver (7) WCM, 5/7 Meeker (6) DMF, 5/11 Anoka (6) DWK. 4/26 Fillmore (third spring record), 4/30, 5/7, 16 Meeker , 5/17, 19 St. Louis (fourth county record), 5/18 Swift (third county record)
2009Summer1219 Reported from Northwest, North-central, Central, South-central, Southeast plus unusual location 6/23 Cook (3 singing males along Old Gunflint Trail, west of Lake Iron Campground Road access in succession habitat recovering from forest fire) RPR. First county breeding records for Morrison RPR, Carver JCy, Washington TEB. 6/16, 7/28, 30 Cass (first summer record), 6/23, 24 Cook (tenth summer record), 6/11, 12, 13 Hubbard (first county record), 6/18 Pope (third county record), 6/10, 11 Swift (fourth county record)
2009Fall7 No north reports. Late south 8/11 Sherburne LS, 8/16 Sibley HHD, 8/24 Anoka DPG, 8/27 Sherburne ASc, 9/19 Meeker DMF (median south 8/29). 9/19 Meeker (seventh fall record)
2010Spring927 Early south (median 4/22) 4/18 Murray DBM, 4/21 Sherburne ASc, 4/22 Anoka DWK, Lac qui Parle BJU, Rice DAB. Early north (median 5/4) 4/23 Lake (Iona's Beach S.N.A) ph. JWL, 4/29 Polk DLT, 5/9 Cass BAW, 5/10 Clay RHO, 5/14 Pennington JMJ. Season high counts 5/17 Yellow Medicine (8, Upper Sioux Agency S.P.) WCM, 5/23 Yellow Medicine (7, Upper Sioux Agency S. P.) BJU, 5/2 Washington (6, Grey Cloud Dunes S.N.A.) RTe, 5/12 Dakota (6) JPM. 5/12, 20 Ramsey (second county record)
2010Summer522 Observed south and west of a line from Kittson to Chisago. First county breeding record from Isanti DPG. 6/25, 29 Ramsey (third summer record), 6/8, 15, 7/5 Rock (third county record), 6/29 Swift (fifth county record)
2010Fall27 Unusual north reports in St. Louis 9/11 MJB, 9/19–22 (H.R.N.R.) ABL, AM, m.ob. Late south 8/14 Lac qui Parle HHD, 8/17 Anoka (Cedar Creek Natural History Area) BeW, 8/25 Yellow Medicine BJU, 8/26 Anoka DPG, 9/4 Big Stone BJU. Follows normal pattern of reports ceasing in late August to early September. 9/4 Big Stone (first county record), 9/11-22 St. Louis (fifth county record)
2011Spring1230 Early south (median 4/22) 4/17 Wabasha DBz, 4/23 Carver JCy, Lac qui Parle BJU, 4/25 Sherburne ASc, Wabasha ANy. New county records: 5/20 Waseca AnK, 5/15 Watonwan RMD. Early north (median 5/4) 4/23 Mille Lacs ASc, 5/7 Hubbard MaH, Polk SAu, 5/12 Beltrami MHe. 5/18 Mower (second county record), 5/15 Ramsey (fourth county record), 5/11 Swift , 5/20 Waseca (first county record), 5/15 Watonwan (first county record)
2011Summer521Reported from all regions except Northeast, North-central. High count 7/24 Washington (11, Grey Cloud Dunes S.N.A.) SBM. 7/24 Mower (third county record)
2011Fall116 Only north 8/21 Traverse BJU. Late south 9/4 Rock BJU, 9/5 Lyon (near Lynd) BJU (median 8/29). 9/4 Rock (fourth county record), 8/29 Swift
2012Spring626 Scattered reports all south of a line from Polk to Chisago. Early south (median 4/22) 4/15 Goodhue (Lake Byllesby) RPR, 4/21 Dakota JLO, DFN, 4/22 Carver JCy. Early north 4/20 Clay (Felton Prairie) DaP, 5/6 Polk (2) KRE, RZi, PRH, JCC, 5/14 Mille Lacs ASc. 5/17 Douglas (second county record), 5/30, 31 Mower (fourth county record), 5/1, 16 Ramsey (fifth county record), 5/17 Wadena (third county record), 5/3, 12 Watonwan (second county record)
2012Summer1824 Reported from all regions of state. New county record 6/16 Todd (C.R. 6 just W of Hwy 71) †DAB, JWH. High count 7/20 Isanti (9, Spencer Brook W.M.A.) DPG. First summer record 7/21 St. Louis (Waseca Industrial Road) PHS. First county breeding record from Wilkin CCa. 6/4 Cook (eleventh summer record), 7/12 Hubbard (second county record), 6/21 Mahnomen (first county record), 6/3 Mower (fifth county record), 6/4, 7/11 Otter Tail (fourth county record), 6/8 Ramsey , 7/21 St. Louis , 6/16 Todd (first county record)
2012Fall19 Only north report 9/26 Todd JLK. Late south 8/23 Blue Earth ChH, 8/25 Lac qui Parle (Walter Twp.) BJU, 8/26 Winona ClN, CoN, 9/4 Lac qui Parle (Big Stone N.W.R.) BJU, 9/14 Hennepin ThM, 9/21 Redwood RAE (median 8/29). 8/17 Goodhue (first county record), 9/26 Todd (second fall record), 8/26 Winona (first fall record)
2013Spring933 Early south (median 4/22) 4/15 Washington BDo, 4/26 Dakota JLO, Stearns PCC, Wabasha RMD, JWH, 4/27 Yellow Medicine JSc. Early north (median 5/4) 4/26 Todd JeM, 5/1 Polk SAu, 5/2 Grant PEB, 5/3 Polk PEB, Red Lake RAE. High count 5/18 Brown (10) MiO. New county record: 5/5 Steele JWH. 4/30, 5/14 Fillmore (fourth spring record), 5/16 Martin (first county record), 5/19-27 Otter Tail (fifth county record), 5/9 Pipestone (second county record), 5/19 Pope (fourth county record), 5/5 Steele (first county record), 4/26 Todd (third county record)
2013Summer1136 Seen south of a line from Roseau to Crow Wing to Chisago. New county records 6/27 Stevens NCu, 7/30 Freeborn RPR. First county breeding record for Redwood DBM. 6/7 Big Stone (second county record), 7/30 Freeborn (first county record), 7/8, 26 Kandiyohi (fourth summer record), 7/28 Murray (first county record), 7/4 Otter Tail (sixth summer record), 6/21 Stearns (first county record), 6/27 Stevens (first county record), 7/4 Swift , 7/27 Watonwan (third county record)
2013Fall212 All north 8/3–30 Polk SAu, 9/19 Red Lake SAS. High counts 8/10 Brown (6) MiO, 8/7 Isanti (5) JSa. Late south 8/29 Big Stone DLP, 9/1 Stearns BWF, 9/10 Goodhue WAn, 9/14 Redwood BTS (median 8/29). 8/29 Big Stone (third fall record), 8/18 Chisago (first fall record), 9/10 Goodhue (second fall record)
2014Spring5/7 Dodge (first county record), 5/9, 12 Otter Tail , 5/16 Pipestone (third county record), 5/5, 13 Ramsey , 5/7 St. Louis , 4/26, 5/4, 19 Steele (second county record), 5/23 Wadena (fourth county record), 4/26, 5/30 Watonwan (fourth county record)
2014Summer7/16 Hubbard (third county record), 6/5 Lincoln (first county record), 6/7 Pope (fifth summer record), 7/15 Rock (fifth county record), 7/17 Steele (third county record), 7/23 Todd (fourth county record)
2014Fall8/27 Carlton (first fall record), 8/8, 11, 21 Goodhue (third fall record), 8/11, 15 Rock (sixth fall record)
2015Spring5/10, 16 Crow Wing (first county record), 5/22 Douglas (third spring record), 5/3, 8 Fillmore (fifth county record), 5/27 Kandiyohi (fifth county record), 5/31 Mower , 5/24 Otter Tail , 5/16 St. Louis , 5/9 Steele (fourth county record)
2015Summer6/28, 30, 7/18, 31 Kandiyohi , 6/9 Mahnomen (second county record), 6/3 Mower (seventh summer record), 6/4 Murray (second county record), 6/11, 22 Otter Tail , 6/2, 17, 22 Todd (fifth county record)
 Breeds locally except northeast. State designation: Special Concern.


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Column N  Number of counties where the bird was seen in the North.
Column S  Number of counties where the bird was seen in the South.