Media Guide

The Minnesota Ornithologists' Union's Guide For The Media.

The document which follows is a guide to a hobby / sport which holds the interest of 40 percent of all Minnesota residents. That activity is birdwatching, currently the fastest-growing outdoor recreational activity in the country. In a 1994-95 survey by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, birdwatching was the only one of 28 such activities which grew at a triple-digit rate (155 percent).

This guide, prepared by the Minnesota Ornithologists' Union, presents an overview of birding in Minnesota: the numbers, the people, the birds, and some of the places and events. It is being distributed to all weekly and daily newspapers and all radio and television stations in the state.

Though much of the information contained in the guide was taken from this web site, it is included here in order to accurately reproduce the Media Guide in its original and intended form.

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