Index to Minnesota Birding

Compiled for January 1993 through December 2001
compiled by Andy Jones

This index does not cover everyarticle printed over the course of the past nine years. Rather, it covers the articles which I felt would be of interest to readers of Minnesota Birding in later years. As such, it focuses on recipients of major awards, tricks for finding target species, guides to particular birding sites, information about publications relevant to Minnesota, and highlights of trips. Short pieces on news about the club itself (such as forthcoming publications), upcoming field trips, notes about submission dates, regular columns, etc. are not included.

The information is provided in this order: title/subject, page number, issue date.

The following abbreviations have been used:

ABA = American Birding Association
DNR = Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
MBW = Minnesota Birding Weekend
Minn. = Minnesota
NWR = National Wildlife Refuge
OTR = On the Road (column)
RT = Road Trip (column)
WSO = Wisconsin Ornithological Society


100 years ago, 13 Jan/Feb00
40th Ave West, Duluth guide, 16 Sep/Oct00

ABA meeting report, 8 May/Jun93
Adopt-a-county idea, 5 Jan/Feb96
Adopt-a-county, 2 Mar/Apr96
Africa highlights, 17 Jul/Aug98
Agahming Park guide, 10 Mar/Apr99
Aitkin Co. Golden-winged Warblers. 6 Nov/Dec93
Aitkin Co. guide, 9 Jan/Feb00
Aitkin Co. trip report, 9 Jul/Aug95
Alaska trip report, 13 Jul/Aug96
Albert Lea Audubon receives award, 4 Nov/Dec97
Albert Lea warbler highlights, 3 Jul/Aug93
Alt receives Voelker, 5 Jan/Feb01
American White Pelican rehabbed, 9 May/Jun98
Arizona highlights, 13 Nov/Dec95
Arizona highlights, 24 Nov/Dec98
Arizona trip highlights, 21 Nov/Dec97
Arizona trip report, 16 Nov/Dec96
Arizona trip report, 8 Nov/Dec94
Aspergillosus killing Pine Siskins, 12 Jul/Aug95
At-risk, 4 species added to MN list, 1 Mar/Apr96

Bardon receives Voelker, 2 Jan/Feb93
Batt profile, 23 May/Jun98
Baudette MN birding, 9 Jan/Feb96
Belize sites, 16 Jan/Feb99
Bell Museum collection moves, 4 May/Jun93
Bell Museum faculty visit Africa, 18 Nov/Dec98
Bell Museum names new director, 5 Jan/Feb95
Bell Museum space for MOU, 8 Sep/Oct93
Beneke receives Voelker, 3 Jan/Feb98
Big day highlights: various locations, 2 Jul/Aug93
Big Stone Festival highlights, 22 Jul/Aug99
Big Stone NWR essay, 8 Mar/Apr00
Big Stone NWR shorebird guide, 7 Mar/Apr00
Bird feeders in MN: guide, 5 Mar/Apr00
Birding essay, 14 Nov/Dec99
Birding gear by mail, 12 Sep/Oct93
Birding orgs directory, 11 Jan/Feb94
Birding skills improvement, 6 May/Jun00
Black-backed Woodpeckers follow fire, 18 Jan/Feb99
Blackbirds poisoned in SD, 14-25 Sep/Oct01
Black-throated Blue Warbler RT, 5 Sep/Oct93
Black-throated Blue Warbler RT, 9 Jul/Aug93
Black-throated Sparrow, 4 Mar/Apr93
Bluebird recovery essays, 8-14 Sep/Oct00
Book by Jan Green, 9 Nov/Dec95
Books about birding, 4 Mar/Apr00
Books on MN birds, 8 Jul/Aug96
Bordering states birding, pt. 1, 20 May/Jun99
Bordering states birding, pt. 2, 14 Jul/Aug99
Boreal Chickadee, 9 Jan/Feb95
Boreal Owl highlights, 11 Jul/Aug93
Boreal Owl highlights, 12 Jul/Aug96
Boreal Owl report, 14 Sep/Oct99
Boreal Owl report, 23 May/Jun99
Boreal Owl report, 8 Jul/Aug98
Boreal Owls and logging, 20 Nov/Dec98
Breckenridge profile, 4 Nov/Dec93
Breckenridge's memories, 5 Mar/Apr97
Breeding Bird Survey essay, 4 May/Jun97
Buff-breasted Sandpiper RT, 9 Sep/Oct94
Business card for birders, 15 Nov/Dec93

California highlights, 10 Jul/Aug93
California trip report, 13 Nov/Dec94
Calliope Hummer in MN, 10 Jan/Feb95
Canada Goose issues, 9 Mar/Apr98
Carlos-Avery OTR, 14 May/Jun97
Carved decoys, 12 Jan/Feb93
Carver Co. birding, 7 Sep/Oct94
Cat vs. bird essay, 23 Nov/Dec99
Cat-bite trauma, 20 Jan/Feb00
Cats controlled in some MN cities, 17 Nov/Dec98
Cats killing birds pt. 2, 18 Nov/Dec96
Cats killing birds, 3 May/Jun96
CBC owls essay, 13 Nov/Dec00
Chasing essay, 13 Jul/Aug98
Churchill highlights, 14 Nov/Dec93
Clay Co. guide, 18 Jul/Aug99
Clay, Lincoln, Lyons Co. highlights, 9 Nov/Dec95
Clearwater Co. OTR, 10 Sep/Oct95
Climate change effects on birds: feature, 12-16 Mar/Apr00
Code of Ethics (ABA), 1 Sep/Oct94
Code of ethics (Britain), 11 Nov/Dec94
Code of Ethics details (ABA), 22 Nov/Dec97
Code of Ethics updated (ABA), 16 May/Jun96
Common and rare species essay, 19 Nov/Dec96
Common Moorhen RT, 9 Jul/Aug94
Computer birding, 7 May/Jun93
Conjunctivitis killing House Finches, 18 Mar/Apr96
Connections in nature, essay, 10 Sep/Oct96
Conservation Committee created, 2Jan/Feb94
Cook Co. OTR, 18 Nov/Dec97
Cooper's Hawk essay, 19 Sep/Oct98
County Biological Survey explained, 11 Nov/Dec96
Cowbirds causing Silent Spring, 3 Sep/Oct93
Crex Meadows guide, 10 Mar/Apr95
Crow rehabbed: essay, 21 Mar/Apr01
Cyanide poisons SD birds, 12 May/Jun93

Deep Portage, Cass Co. OTR, 6 May/Jun96
Deer and birds essay, 16 Jan/Feb97
Detroit Lake Festival highlights, 9 Jul/Aug99
Detroit Lakes Festival highlights, 5 Jul/Aug97
Detroit Lakes Festival highlights, 6 Jul/Aug01
Detroit Lakes Festival highlights, 9 Jul/Aug00
Documenting birds: how-to, 9 May/Jun00
Duluth fall birding, 16 Nov/Dec98
Duluth festival report, 6 Nov/Dec96
Duluth highlights, 13 May/Jun98
Duluth highlights, 19 Mar/Apr01
Duluth highlights, 21 Mar/Apr00
Duluth trip highlights, 9 Jan/Feb98
Duluth trip report, 6 Mar/Apr94
Dunne to speak at MOU banquet, 2 Nov/Dec95
Dunne to speak at MOU banquet, 5 Sep/Oct95
Dunne top 10 birding spots, 5 Sep/Oct95

Eagle attacks hang-glider, 4 Sep/Oct93
Eagles at Wabasha, 7 Jan/Feb99
Eckert receives Voelker, 1 Jan/Feb95
Eckert receives Voelker, 3 Jan/Feb99
Ecotourism commandments, 13 Sep/Oct96
Erpelding receives Voelker, 5 Jan/Feb01
Eurasian Collared Dove invasion, 13 Mar/Apr99
Eurasian Tree Sparrow in MN, 22 Nov/Dec98
Eurasian Tree Sparrows IA guide, 12 Jan/Feb96
Evolution of a birder, pt. 1, 20 Nov/Dec97
Evolution of a birder, pt. 2, 15 Jan/Feb98

Fall receives Roberts, 3 Jan/Feb98
Favorite MN birds, 17 May/Jun96
Feeding birds not harmful, 18 Jan/Feb97
Felton Prairie RT, 9 May/Jun95
Fillmore Co. land donation, 5 Jan/Feb97
Fillmore, Wabasha, Olmsted survey highlights, 10 Nov/Dec96
Flicker is new NAS president, 6 Nov/Dec95
Freeborn Co. OTR, 4 Jul/Aug96
Fridley birding trail, 14 Mar/Apr99

Gardner profile, 16 Jan/Feb00
Glassel profile, 4 May/Jun98
Globally Important Areas in MN, 9 Nov/Dec01
Golden Eagle RT, 9 Nov/Dec93
Golden-winged Warblers in Aitkin, 6 Nov/Dec93
Goose poop art, 7 Jan/Feb98
Grassland bird conservation, 8 May/Jun99
Great Gray Owl RT, 11 Jan/Feb93
Great Horned Owl rehab essay, 12 Sep/Oct01
Greater Prairie-Chicken hunt, 20 Nov/Dec01
Greater Prairie-Chicken reintroduction, 4 Jul/Aug93
Grebe migration, 9 Mar/Apr97
Green receives Voelker, 3 Jan/Feb97
Green Violet-Ear in Wisconsin, 14 Jan/Feb99
Grey Cloud Island OTR, 6 Jan/Feb96
Gulls in November, 12 Nov/Dec01
Gunflint Boreal Days highlights, 8 Sep/Oct99
Gunflint Boreal Festival highlights, 17 Jul/Aug01
Gunflint Boreal Festival highlights, 19 Sep/Oct00

Hang-gliding with eagles, 4 Sep/Oct93
Hawk ridge birdathon, 5 Jul/Aug94
Hawk Ridge records, 3 Jan/Feb93
Hawk Ridge records, 3 Jul/Aug95
Hawk Ridge season report, 10 Jan/Feb99
Hawk Ridge season report, 6 Jan/Feb97
Hawk Ridge season report, 19 May/Jun00
Hawk seen during commute, 3 Jul/Aug93
Heidel receives Roberts, 3 Jan/Feb97
Henderson receives Roberts, 1 Jan/Feb95
Heron Lake memories, 5 Mar/Apr96
Hertzel new Loon ed., 4 Jan/Feb97
Hertzel receives Voelker award, 3 Jan/Feb94
Holiday gifts, 12 Nov/Dec96
Horned Larks essay, 17 Mar/Apr01
House Finches & conjunctivitis, 18 Mar/Apr96
Houston Co. guide, 13 May/Jun99
Hummingbirds: watch for western species, 6 Sep/Oct00
Hunters and birders, 16 Sep/Oct99
Hunting birds, 11 Sep/Oct97

Ivory-billed Woodpecker search, 7 Nov/Dec93

Jackson Lake, Heron Co. OTR, 4 Nov/Dec96
Jacques Memorial Preserve OTR, 14 Jul/Aug97
Janssen biography, 6 Jan/Feb93
Janssen honored at MOU Banquet, 5 Nov/Dec97
Janssen new MOU president, 2 Jan/Feb96
Japanese birders visit MN, 11 Sep/Oct94
John Jarosz profile, 14 Nov/Dec95
Johnson receives Roberts, 3 Jan/Feb00
July 4 trip report, 10 Sep/Oct94
Juncos with frost eye rings, 10 Jul/Aug94

Kandiyohi Co., 12 Mar/Apr97
Kapper's Pools (Fillmore Co.) guide, 22 May/Jun01
Kartarik publishes poster, 4 Jan/Feb94
King Eider in Rock County, 14 Nov/Dec93
Krienke finds Sabine's Gull, 8 Nov/Dec93
Krych profile, 19 Mar/Apr97

Lac Qui Parle highlights, 6 May/Jun93
Lake Vermillion guide, 22 Mar/Apr99
Landscaping for birds essay, 17 Sep/Oct99
Landscaping for birds essay, 22 Jul/Aug99
Lanyon new Bell director, 5 Jan/Feb95
Lark Sparrow RT, 9 May/Jun93
Las Vegas birding, 10 Jan/Feb94
Lead weights poison loons, 3 May/Jun93
Letter from Duluth: birding with a youngster, 9 Mar/Apr96
Letter from Duluth: communicating with the public about birds, 7 Jan/Feb96
Letter from Duluth: rehabber Jays, 8 Nov/Dec95
Life-listing philosophy, 23 Nov/Dec98
Life lists without stakeouts?, 6 Mar/Apr95
Life lists/stakeouts: responses, 6 May/Jun95
Life lists/stakeouts: responses, 8 Jul/Aug95
Life lists/stakeouts: responses, 8 Sep/Oct95
Listing rules, 22 Mar/Apr98
Listing thresholds in MOU changed; responses, 5 Nov/Dec98
Logging and Boreal Owls, 20 Nov/Dec98
Logging discussed by DNR, 5 Nov/Dec95
Logging plans considered by DNR (see Nov/Dec 95), 10 Mar/Apr96
Logging vs. N. Goshawks, 5 Mar/Apr98
Loon study receives grant, 12 Nov/Dec93
Loons: MN ranks second, 12 Jul/Aug93

Married to a birder essay, 10 Jul/Aug00
Martins receive president's award, 5 Jan/Feb96
MBW highlights, 13 Sep/Oct96
MBW highlights, various locations, 15 Jul/Aug00
MBW highlights, various locations, 19 Jul/Aug99
MBW highlights, various locations, 7 Jul/Aug97
MBW highlights, western MN, 21 Nov/Dec99
MBW ND highlights, 16 Sep/Oct98
MBW trip highlights, 5 May/Jun96
MBW trip report, 8 Mar/Apr96
MBW trip reports, 10 Jul/Aug95
MBW trip reports, 15 Jan/Feb96
MBW: Wilken, Ottertail trip report, 12 Jul/Aug96
Mealworms, 7 Jan/Feb01
Mexico highlights, 16 Mar/Apr99
Migration dwindling?, 8 Jul/Aug94
Mille Lacs NWR, 13 Jan/Feb99
Minn. birding sites. favorites, 12 May/Jun95
Minn. guide, 15 sites, 16 May/Jun01
Minn. hotline overview, 7 Nov/Dec95
Minn.: 12 birding spots, 9 Jul/Aug95
MnBirdNet has 80 subscribers, 12 May/Jun95
MOU Grants fund research, 7 May/Jun01
MOU invests reserve funds, 3 May/Jun94
MOU library status, 7 Nov/Dec01
MOUnet online, 10 May/Jun94

National Geo Guide index, 23 May/Jun01
New MOU logo, 1 May/Jun93
Newfoundland trip highlights, 15 Nov/Dec97
Nicoletti receives Roberts award, 3 Jan/Feb96
Nocturnal migration, 4 Mar/Apr94
North Shore birding, 7 Sep/Oct01
North Shore highlights, 15 Nov/Dec93
North Shore highlights, 2 Mar/Apr93
North Shore trip highlights, 15 Jan/Feb97
Northeast MN winter guide, 15 Nov/Dec99
Northern Goshawks vs. logging, 5 Mar/Apr98
Northfield OTR, 4 Sep/Oct96
Northwest Festival highlights, 8 Jul/Aug01
Northwestern MN guide, 9 Jan/Feb94
Norway winter birds, 20 Mar/Apr98
NWR guide, 12 Sep/Oct93

Optics mail-order source, 11 Nov/Dec93
Optics rated on web site, 21 Nov/Dec01
Optics review, 5 Sep/Oct94
Orchard Oriole RT, 9 May/Jun94
Ospreys in the cities, 20 May/Jun98
Owling essay, 19 Jan/Feb99
Owling trip report, 4 Jul/Aug94

Pacific Loon on Mille Lacs, 8 Jan/Feb94
Palmer Lake guide, 15 Jan/Feb00
Peregrine encounter, 7 Sep/Oct97
Peregrine reintroduction a success, 13 Nov/Dec93
Peregrine report, 8 Jan/Feb98
Peregrine status, 6 Jul/Aug00
Peregrines at Thunder Bay, 8 Mar/Apr99
Peregrines in MN guide, 12 Nov/Dec95
Peregrines: 42 midwest nest sites, 2 Sep/Oct93
Perfect birding day, 7 Jan/Feb94
Pesticides feature, 7-9 Mar/Apr01
Philippine bird collection history, 4 May/Jun94
Pine Siskins killed by Aspergillosus, 12 Jul/Aug95
Pine-to-Prairie guide, pt. 1, 18 Jul/Aug00
Pine-to-Prairie guide, pt. 2, 20 Sep/Oct00
Pine-to-Prairie guide, pt. 3, 16 Nov/Dec00
Pine-to-Prairie guide, pt. 4, 16 Jan/Feb01
Polk Co. highlights, 17 Jul/Aug99
Prairie Chickens on Easter, 12 Mar/Apr96
Prairie Falcon RT, 9 Nov/Dec94
President's report, 5 Jan/Feb00
Private land, asking permission, 19 May/Jun96
Process of choosing state bird, 6 Jan/Feb94
Purple Loosestrife invading, 16 Mar/Apr97
Pygmy Nuthatch debacle, 8,9 Jan/Feb97

Raptor nest-searching, 22 May/Jun99
Rare bird public relations, 10 Nov/Dec94
Record keeping, 14 Nov/Dec94
Red Crossbill taxonomy, 6 Nov/Dec00
Red-necked Grebes color-banded, 16 Nov/Dec93
Rehabbed American White Pelican, 9 May/Jun98
Rehabbed crow essay, 21 Mar/Apr01
Rehabbed Great Horned Owl essay, 12 Sep/Oct01
Rehabbed hummer, 6 Jan/Feb99
Rehabilitation clinic profile, 14 May/Jun96
Rice Co. sites, 11 Jul/Aug97
Rice Creek West Regional Trail, 7 Nov/Dec98
Rice Lake NWR, 9 Jan/Feb01
Rice Lake State Park OTR, 17 Jan/Feb97
Roadkill essay, 18 Sep/Oct96
Roberts Sanctuary rededication, 4 Jan/Feb94
Rock Co. highlights, 19 Sep/Oct99
Rock, Traverse Co. trip report, 17 Nov/Dec96
Roger Tory Peterson remembered, 19 Sep/Oct96
Ross' Goose RT, 9 Mar/Apr94
Rothsay trip highlights, 10 Jan/Feb93
Rothsay trip report, 8 Jan/Feb95
Ruby-throated Hummingbird rehabbed, 6 Jan/Feb99

Salt Lake highlights, 7 Jul/Aug97
Salt Lake highlights, 8 Jul/Aug99
Salt Lake trip report, 10 Jul/Aug95
Salt Lake Trip Report, 11 Jul/Aug96
Salt Lake's history, 3 Mar/Apr93
Sand Lake, SD OTR, 6 Mar/Apr96
Savaloja grants awarded, 5 May/Jun99
Savaloja remembered, 14 May/Jun99
Sax-Zim trip report, 16 Mar/Apr96
Schumacher receives Roberts, Jan/Feb99
Seasonal checklist, creating your own ,12 Sep/Oct96
Seasonal Reports submission guidelines, 14 Mar/Apr01
Sewage ponds essay, 11 May/Jun00
Sewage ponds of MN guide, 10 May/Jun00
Shade coffee feature, 7-13 Nov/Dec99
Shade coffee, 13 Sep/Oct97
Shade coffee, 23 Jul/Aug99
Sharp-tailed Grouse and weather, 22 Mar/Apr00
Shorebird conservation feature, 11-13 May/Jun01
Shorebird conservation, 18 Jan/Feb01
Shrikes in Sherburne Co. and Texas essay, 13 Jan/Feb97
Sibley Guide corrections, 20 Jul/Aug01
Sibley Guide index, 21 Jul/Aug01
Skinning at the Bell, 10 Nov/Dec93
Skutch interview, 13 May/Jun95
Smith's Longspur guide, 23 Sep/Oct00
Smith's Longspur RT, 9 Sep/Oct93
Snetsinger dies, 11 Jan/Feb00
Snowy Owl attacks merganser, 11 Mar/Apr94
Snowy Owl essay, 22 Jan/Feb00
Software on birdsong, 13 Nov/Dec96
Southeast MN guide, 18 Mar/Apr01
Species in different aged forests, 6 Jul/Aug95
Spotted Sandpipers, 5 Jan/Feb93
Spotting scope care, 22 Nov/Dec98
Spotting scope window mounts, 24 Mar/Apr99
Spring on the prairie highlights, 17 Sep/Oct96
Spring Weekend highlights, 22 Sep/Oct00
Springbrook Boreal Owl seen by 7500, 13 Jul/Aug97
Spruce Grouse guide, 7 Jan/Feb00
Spruce Grouse RT, 9 Mar/Apr93
St. Louis Co. Big Day sets records, 16 Jul/Aug96
St. Louis Co. highlights, 17 Jul/Aug99
St. Louis Co. highlights, 6 Jul/Aug97
St. Louis Co. highlights, 16 Jul/Aug01
Starwatching, 7 Jul/Aug94
Strangis publishes MN bird finding guide, 14 Jan/Feb96
Study skins donated to museum, 6 Sep/Oct96
Susie Island OTR, 14 Jul/Aug97
Svingen receives Roberts, 5 Jan/Feb01
Swan identification, 18 May/Jun01
Swanson receives Roberts award, 3 Jan/Feb94
Swede Hollow OTR, 14 Sep/Oct97

Tamarac NWR OTR, 17 Mar/Apr97
Tanzania highlights, 19 Jul/Aug99
Teaming With Wildlife legislation, 10 May/Jun96
Teaming with Wildlife, 3 Nov/Dec95
Texas highlights, 19 May/Jun99
Texas highlights, 5 May/Jun93
Texas trip report, 11 May/Jun94
Texas trip report, 12 May/Jun97
Texas trip report, 15 May/Jun95
Thunder Bay highlights, 19 Jul/Aug98
Thunder Bay highlights, 7 Sep/Oct97
Thunder Bay highlights, 8 Jan/Feb99
Thunder Bay highlights, 23 Mar/Apr00
Thunder Bay Peregrines, 8 Mar/Apr99
Thunder Bay trip highlights, 21 Mar/Apr98
Thunder Bay trip highlights, 9 Jan/Feb98
Thunder Bay trip report, 19 Jan/Feb97
Top world lister is from MN, 6 Nov/Dec94
Tornado kills birds, 12 May/Jun98
Tourism from birding in MN, 11 Nov/Dec01
Tree stand birding, 14 Jan/Feb98
Trespass laws toughened, 19 May/Jun96
Trumpeter Swan status, 15 Sep/Oct97
Trumpeter Swans essay, 17 May/Jun00
Tugboat birding, 9 Jan/Feb93
Tundra Swan shot, 13 Jan/Feb98
Two Harbors airport guide, 15 Jan/Feb00

Veterans Memorial Park guide, 13 Nov/Dec99

Wabasha Eagles, 7 Jan/Feb99
Wadley profile, 11 Jul/Aug94
Warbler-finding guide, 5 May/Jun00
Web page for MOU launched, 10 Nov/Dec95
Weeds in birdseed, 5 Mar/Apr93
West Nile Virus, 15 Mar/Apr01
Whooper Swan essay, 22 Jan/Feb00
Whooping Crane story, 15 Nov/Dec95
Wild Bird Conservation Program, 2 Sep/Oct95
Wild Bird Conservation Program ed, 2 Sep/Oct95
Wild Bird Food Cons. Prog. is working, 14 Mar/Apr96
Wild rice as birding habitat, 7 Sep/Oct93
Wild Turkey status, 19 Jul/Aug01
Williams receives Voelker award, 3 Jan/Feb96
Window mounts for spotting scope, 24 Mar/Apr99
Windstorm effects on birds, 13 Jul/Aug99
Winona Co. highlights, 13 Nov/Dec93
Winter hummingbirds in MN, 3 Mar/Apr95
Wirth Park guide, 16 May/Jun99
WSO supports projects in MN, 11 Nov/Dec93

Yard list reports pt. 1, 10 May/Jun93
Yard list reports pt. 2, 6 Jul/Aug93
Yard list reports pt. 3, 10 Sep/Oct93
Yard list reports pt. 4, 10 Nov/Dec93
Yellow Rail highlights, 16 Nov/Dec93
Yellow Rail highlights, 17 Sep/Oct98

Zink accepts Breckenridge chair, 7 Mar/Apr93
Zink suggests thrasher species split, 5 Nov/Dec95
Zink, Klicka challenge bird evolution paradigm, 7 Nov/Dec97

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