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*Duluth/North Shore
*February 24, 2005

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Hotline: Minnesota, Duluth/North Shore
Date: February 24, 2005
Sponsor: Minnesota Ornithologists' Union (MOU)
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Compiler: David R. Benson (drbenson@cpinternet.com)
Transcriber: David R. Benson (drbenson@cpinternet.com)

This is the Duluth Birding Report for Thursday, February 24, 2005, sponsored by the Minnesota Ornithologists' Union.

Warren Nelson found an EASTERN SCREECH-OWL at Blind Lake in Aitkin Cty on the 17th. The bird was on Cty Rd 24 at the jct with 430th Place on the west side of the lake. No one has reported refinding the bird.

Aitkin County continues to be a popular place to view the northern owl irruption, with many observers finding multiple GREAT GRAY OWLS. Several observers reported owls along the Blind Lake Rd, and along Cty Rd 22. Warren Nelson found 26 Great Grays in one field along Cty Rd 1 just north of the diversion channel. Both Great Grays and Northern Hawk Owls are still present at many locations across northern and central Minnesota.

A BOREAL OWL stayed put along the Hwy 61 Expressway to Two Harbors this week. The bird was southwest of the Berquist Rd on the north side of the road. At least two Boreal Owls were found along the expressway this week.

Several observers had unpleasant confrontations with officials near the Duluth International Airport along Stebner Rd while trying to view SNOWY OWLS there. Some were asked to spread the word the the area was no longer open.

Mike Hendrickson reported BOREAL CHICKADEES from along the Spruce Rd off Hwy 1 in northern Lake Cty, and from along McDavitt Rd in Sax-Zim; and at least one bird is still coming to the feeder across from the cafe in isabella. At least one HOARY REDPOLL is still coming to a feeder on the Stanley Rd (Cty Rd 9) just west of Two Harbors and north of Hwy 61. The HARLEQUIN DUCKS are still at Agate Bay in Two Harbors.

BLACK-BACKED WOODPECKERS continue to be seen on the west side of McDavitt, 2.6 miles north of the Sax Rd. A THREE-TOED WOODPECKER was at the same location on the 19th.

A large flock of BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS (1200+) birds was seen near the intersection of 46th and Cooke in East Duluth on the 19th. Waxwings were also reported from the Lakewood neighborhood east of Duluth, from Two Harbors, from Grand Marais, and from Ely. There are also apparently EVENING GROSBEAKS coming to feeders in Ely, but I don't have precise details.

Mark Alt found a HORNED LARK in Aitkin Cty on the 21st.

The next scheduled update of this report will be on Thursday, March 3rd.

The telephone number of the Duluth Rare Bird Alert is 218-728-5030. Information about bird sightings may be left following the recorded message.

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