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Date: November 14, 1996
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Although that KING EIDER reported on last week's tape has not been seen since two weekends ago, several other species of note have been found recently including a MEW GULL and BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKE in Northern Cass County, both of which unfortunately were only present for one day, another PACIFIC LOON on Lake Superior, a PRAIRIE FALCON at Hawk Ridge, a GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULL in Duluth, both THAYER'S and GLAUCOUS GULLS in Grand Marais and another HAWK OWL, some additional SNOWY OWLS and a very late BOBOLINK.

Peder Svingen found a MEW GULL, an adult on Lake Winnibigoshish near the town of Bena in Cass County on November 10th around noon. Unfortunately, no one was able to relocate the gull later that afternoon or the next day, so it is assumed to be gone. This represents the second record ever for this species in Minnesota.

Also presumed gone is the immature BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKE Peder found at the same time on Lake Winni. And no one has been able to relocate that gull either.

The third PACIFIC LOON of the fall season in Duluth was seen by Mike Hendrickson on November 10th on Lake Superior along the 9100 block of Scenic Hwy 61.

Dudley Edmundson saw and photographed a PRAIRIE FALCON flying past Hawk Ridge also on the 10th and this represents only the fourth record ever for Hawk Ridge.

Karl Bardon of the Twin Cities found a third winter GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULL November 9th at the Superior entry on the far south end of Park Point. It is possible this gull could still be in the area, if not at the Superior entry then at the Superior Wisconsin landfill located at the southern tip of Wisconsin Point.

Among the 2000 plus gulls seen November 11th at the Grand Marais Harbor in Cook County were 3 or 4 THAYER'S GULLS and at least 3 GLAUCOUS GULLS.

The 4th NORTHERN HAWK OWL this season was seen November 10th along U.S. Hwy 2 in St. Louis County between mile markers 214 & 213, 7 miles northwest of Floodwood. It is possible this is the same HAWK OWL found back on October 12th along Hwy 2 at mile marker 209 just a few miles away.

SNOWY OWLS continue to show up earlier than normal. On Nov. 9th one was picked up somewhere north of Two Harbors along Lake County Rd. 2 and it had apparently been shot. Two other SNOWY OWLS were seen Nov. 11th up the North Shore, one of these on the Burlington Bay side of Two Harbors in Lake County, the other in the Grand Marais Harbor probably the same individual found there two weekends ago.

A record late BOBOLINK was unexpectedly found along Hwy 61 in Lake County on November 11th near mile marker 60 which is about a half mile northeast of the Hwy 1 intersection.

Other birds of note reported recently include a late TURKEY VULTURE Nov 9th in Duluth and a late YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER the same day in Grand Marais.

Also on Nov 9th no fewer than 20 GOLDEN EAGLES were counted by Frank Nicoletti at the main overlook at Hawk Ridge. The one day record for GOLDEN EAGLES at Hawk Ridge is 23. So far over 100 GOLDEN EAGLES have been counted this season which is a better than average total for the season.

Another adult RED-SHOULDERED HAWK was identified at Hawk Ridge on November 10th and finally the first BOREAL CHICKADEES of the season showed up in Duluth today at Park Point near the utility building south of the airport runway.

Unless something unusual is seen in the meantime which needs to be reported immediately the next scheduled update of this tape will be on Thursday Nov 21st. If you have birds to report you can leave a message after the tone.

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