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Hotline: Minnesota Duluth/North Shore
Date: Dec. 24, 1998
Sponsor: Minnesota Ornithologists' Union (MOU)
Reports: (218) 525-5952
Compiled and written by: Dave Benson drbenson@cp.duluth.mn.us
Transcribed by: Craig Mandel, MnBird Volunteer EgretCMan@aol.com Re-transcriber: David Cahlander (dac@skypoint.com)

Hello, this is the Duluth Birding Report for Thursday, December 24, sponsored by the Minnesota Ornithologists' Union.

With warm weather lingering up until just a week ago, there were still a lot of late migrants around for the Christmas bird counts occurring in this area over the last week.

On December 19th was the Duluth Christmas bird count, and with the addition of two BOREAL CHICKADEES which were coming to a feeder on Worth Street near UMD, which is within the count circle, we now have 59 species for that day.

If you saw or know of any of the following species that were seen somewhere in Duluth on Saturday, December 19th, lease let me know or leave a message following this recording, so that we can add them to count total. Please also leave your name, number and address so we can determine whether or not they are within the count circle.

Species that were missed were Bufflehead, almost any Owls, Gray Jay, Varied Thrush, Common Grackle, Townsend's Solitaire, and any Sparrows except WHITE- THROATED SPARROW.

On Sunday the 20th, the Two Harbors Christmas bird count organized by Frank Nicoletti took place and, in spite of snow all day the group found 44 species of birds, including a VARIED THRUSH and a NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD both in the downtown area and a HARLEQUIN DUCK in Agate bay. They also had almost a thousand BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS.

On Monday the 21st, the Sax-Zim Christmas bird count organized by Sparky Stensaas took place and they had 28 species which was just two shy of the record of 30 species. They also had BOREAL CHICKADEES, ROUGH-LEGGED HAWKS, BLACK-BILLED MAGPIES and they found one GREAT GRAY OWL which was outside there count circle 1.7 miles West of Highway 53 on County Road 133.

The next most recent report of GREAT GRAY OWL was on the Stony River Forest Road in Lake county, but that area was searched yesterday on the 23rd and none were seen.

The only other winter owl report we have is fairly far South of Duluth on the Pine county Christmas bird count, where they found a SNOWY OWL, southeast of the junction of County Road 11 and the Military Road.

There have also been a couple of other reports from the area. A large flock of SNOW BUNTINGS and HORNED LARKS was seen yesterday on Highway 29 about a 1/2 mile south of Meadowlands; and Nancy Jackson reports from Hoyt Lakes that there are good numbers of EVENING GROSBEAKS and PINE GROSBEAKS in that area.

If you have birds to report you may leave a message after the tone, or you may call me, Dave Benson, at area code (218) 728-5812 or Mike Hendrickson at 626-2268.

[Send your rare and unusual Minnesota sightings to our electronic hotline: MnRBA. To learn more, send a message (the message being these two words: info end) to mnrba-request@linux.winona.msus.edu

Sightings can be called in directly to the tape, (218) 525-5952, by leaving a message after the tone at the end of the tape]

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