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*August 5, 2004

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Hotline: Minnesota Statewide
Date: August 5, 2004
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Compiler: Anthony Hertzel
Transcriber: Anthony Hertzel (ahertzel@sihope.com)
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This is the Minnesota Birding Report for Thursday, August 5th.

A CLARK'S GREBE was on Timm Lake in Yellow Medicine County on August 2nd. Craig Mandel found it on the southern shore from county road 46 on the Redwood County line. On the same day he found a SNOW GOOSE at the Echo sewage ponds in Yellow Medicine County.

The August 1st shorebird survey in Big Stone County produced 6124 total individuals of 18 species. The survey covered 120 miles and recorded a record high 176 GREATER YELLOWLEGS, a record high 2287 LESSER YELLOWLEGS, and a record high 44 SOLITARY SANDPIPERS. Other birds recorded include 143 SEMIPALMATED PLOVER, 2 AMERICAN AVOCETS, and 1 SANDERLING.

Unusual was the ROSS'S GOOSE seen south of Lamberton in Cottonwood County on July 29th, but no specific location was given

Finally, I have a belated report from July 20th of a pair of THREE-TOED WOODPECKERS seen along Koochiching County Road 13, 2.3 miles south of county road 1.

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