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*September 28, 2005

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Hotline: Minnesota Statewide
Date: September 28, 2005
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Compiler: Anthony Hertzel
Transcriber: Anthony Hertzel (axhertzel@sihope.com)

This is the Minnesota Birding Report for Wednesday, September 28th.

Several interesting sightings have been reported from the Duluth area. On the 23rd, an adult, winter-plumaged BLACK-HEADED GULL was found by Kim Risen along Park Point in Duluth near the bath house as it flew toward Canal Park. Tom Auer relocated it about 30 minutes later at Lafayette Square of Park Point. An ARCTIC TERN was seen by Michael Hendrickson at this same location, and several jaegers were reported from the Sky Harbor airport. Also in Duluth were reports of BLACK SCOTER, SURF SCOTER, and WHITE-WINGED SCOTER.

On the 26th, a clearly injured juvenile SABINE'S GULL was discovered by Bill Litkey at Lake Rebecca in Hastings, Dakota County. It was first seen flying along the shoreline but was also found resting in the parking lot. On the 27th this bird was seen being pursued by an unidentified jaeger and, according to the observers, likely did not survive the attack.

On September 23rd, Connie Brunell reported an ibis at the 180th Street marsh in Vermillion, Dakota County and it has been present each day through today. This is the first wetland on the north side of the road east of US Highway 52. Subsequent oservations indicate this bird is not identifiable to species, but is likely a White-faced Ibis.

Chris Benson found a NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD on the 23rd, along US Highway 52, about a hundred yards south of its junction with Olmsted County Road 7 south, which is a few miles north of the town of Chatfield. The bird flew across the road from west to east and disappeared into some brush.

And finally, on September 23rd, there was a belated, second-hand report of a possible juvenile frigatebird on Big Lake south of the Echo Trail in St. Louis County. The bird was reportedly seen near the southeast portion of the lake earlier in the week but not since the 22nd. Big Lake is about a half hour northwest of Ely, though there is no road access.

The next scheduled update of this tape is Thursday, October 6th.

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