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Hotline: Minnesota Statewide/Twin Cities
Date: August 8, 1996
Sponsor: Minnesota Ornithologists' Union (MOU)
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Compiler: Anthony Hertzel
Transcriber: Anthony Hertzel (tony@mill2.MillComm.COM)
Re-transcriber: David Cahlander (dac@skypoint.com)

This is the Minnesota birding report for Thursday August 8th sponsored by the Minnesota Ornithologists' Union.

On August 5th, a group of ten CATTLE EGRETS was seen along a minimum maintenance road on the Big Stone / Swift county line, just south of state highway 7. Lane Elwanger first saw the birds along highway 7, one mile east of the town of Correll, but they soon moved to feed in a grassy field along the county line.

Several people called to report that the GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE is still at Brown Lake in Scott County at the Minnesota Valley State Park. This is the first August record for this species. Another possible GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE was reported from the Loring Park area of south Minneapolis on August 4th.

Bob Ekblad observed a somewhat early pair of RED-NECKED PHALAROPES on August 3rd at the Lewiston sewage ponds in Winona County. The ponds are located one mile south and 7/10ths of a mile west of the town of Lewiston. Please do not trespass into this area, since the birds can be easily seen from the road. Other shorebirds found here include GREATER and LESSER YELLOWLEGS, SEMIPALMATED, BAIRD'S and PECTORAL SANDPIPER. Also on the 3rd, Peder Svingen counted upwards of 1500 shorebirds of 15 species at the Twin Lakes Wildlife Management Area in Kittson County. Some of the species seen include MARBLED GODWIT, SOLITARY and STILT SANDPIPERS, SHORT-BILLED DOWITCHER and RED- NECKED PHALAROPE.

Connie Osbeck reports that a pair of LOGGERHEAD SHRIKES has been seen for close to a week in the Lake Elmo area of Washington County, and on the 5th, Terry Brashear noted a LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE at the Felton Prairie in Clay County, one mile north of U.S. highway 10 along state highway 9. Plus, twenty CHESTNUT- COLLARED LONGSPURS were two miles north of county road 26 along the so called "longspur road", which runs in a north/south direction, three miles east of state highway 9.

On Monday, August 5th, a NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD was seen along the East River Parkway, just north of its intersection with Eustis street.

Jim Williams had a NASHVILLE WARBLER pass through his yard in Minnetonka on August 2nd; Kathy Clayton saw a BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER in her yard in Washington County on the 3rd.

And finally, another somewhat out of range BLUE GROSBEAK was reported by Jack Springer. He observed a male on the north side of Brown County road 23, one mile east of the junction of county road 2 on August 3rd.

The next scheduled update of this tape is Thursday August 15th. If you have birds to report, please leave your name, county, phone number and a brief but specific message.

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