[mou] Trumpeter/Tundra- Steele Co.

Ken or Rebecca Vail krvail@myclearwave.net
Sun, 1 Apr 2007 10:20:19 -0500

Life was sweet when you saw a flock of swans and you could default them as 
Tundra (or Whistling).  The reintroduction of Trumpeters in our area has 
complicated matters, albeit more fun.

A friend alerted me to the presence of 12 swans Saturday.  He ID'd them as 
Tundra based on two that he scoped.  I stopped there a couple hours later 
and thought they were Trumpeters.  I then checked the others and determined 
both species were present.  I called my friend back and reported my 
findings.  He stopped later; scoped each one and determined 8 Trumpeters and 
4 Tundra Swans.

I'm wondering how often mixed flocks of swans have been encountered by 

Their location:  southern Steele Co.; MN Hwy 30 east of I-35, one mile east 
of CR 45, then north on SE 14th Ave (gravel) 3/4 mile in a WPA area on the 
west side of the road.

Ken Vail
Blooming Prairie