[mou] Duluth Raptor Count, 15 April

Dave Carman dscarman at charter.net
Sun Apr 15 20:29:13 EDT 2007

Howard Weinberg, Peder Svingen, my son, Anthony, and I spent a sunny, but
cooler day today, 15 April, with winds off the lake hawk watching on West
Skyline Drive over West Duluth on Thompson Hill.  Coverage time was 9-12:45
pm CST.  Besides raptors flocks of 22 and 12 White Pelicans as well as
Tundra Swans were observed migrating across the St. Louis River.  The raptor
count was as follows:


Turkey Vulture: 58

Osprey: 1

Bald Eagle: 49 (12 ad./37 imm.)

Sharp-shinned Hawk: 92

Red-tailed Hawk: 92

Rough-legged Hawk: 7


Total: 299

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