[mou] Short Eared Owl Dakota County

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Sun Apr 15 21:06:59 EDT 2007

It seems a little late in the owl season to see an Short Eared Owl. It  was 
flying over 160th St from the region of Barton Sand & Gravel  heading north. It 
was west of their front gate where the grass on the hills is a  little 
longer.(Rosemount I believe) Sorry I don't have any better land  marks. I saw 
tonight at 7:30pm as I was heading home. As some  books say-it looked like a giant 
moth. At 7:30 the light was still very  good so I am sure of the bird ID.
Also this morning while on a birding social at Carlos Avery we saw &  heard 
39 species. The two highlights were the winnowing snipe flying  overhead and 
the flock of 60+ pelicans catching thermals.
And lastly-there is now a pair of Bald Eagles using the  old Red-tailed Hawk 
nest along the Vermillion River on the south side  of CR 46 between General 
Sieben and Pine St. 
Jen  Vieth

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