[mou] Schaar's Bluff

linda birds at moosewoods.us
Sat Apr 21 23:06:57 EDT 2007

(Spring Lake Park Reserve, Dakota Co.) Sat., 7-10:30 AM

red-shouldered hawk(s)--two nice looks, circling over the open fields by 
the main gate and next to the parking lot

also Cooper's hawk(s) over the north trail, between some evergreens and 
some deciduous trees in a ravine--may be nesting in the evergreens, 
judging by the agitated response to our presence

flushed a flock of about 10 thrushes, at least some of them identified 
as hermit, feeding in some evergreens

yellow-rumped warblers

ruby-crowned kinglets

tree swallows and barn swallows

sparrows: field, song, chipping; juncos

a pair of wood ducks in trees on the bluff south of the pavilion

osprey over the Mississippi

killdeer in flight over the fields

cowbirds; plus all the usual

heard meadowlarks on the way out of the park, but not the usual bluebirds

Linda Whyte

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