[mou] Tanager attraction question

Michael Engh mikee at cadence.com
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the summer tanager at westwood hills many years ago sat above a bee hive
and would repeatedly fly down to grab a bee
Mike Engh


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Best bet for Western Tanagers is probably various types of fruits.  They
feed mostly on fruits and insects.  Orange slices attached to a tree
might work.  Raisins or dried cherries might work (trail mix for
example).  Another idea would be something like blackberries or
raspberries or wild strawberries.  Think of any sort of wild fruit you'd
find in the western US.


The Tanager family, in general, are not seed eaters.  Tanagers seen
eating seeds are generally desperate and only eating them because that's
all that is available.


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	I am open to suggestions on how to present fruit to the tanager

	should it decide to revisit me.  What fruit, where and in what?
	have several feeder type and locations, many trees and shrubs
and the  
	area around my water is mostly open given the earliness of
spring -  
	but perches are present.  Any master tanager magnets out there?
	Thomas Maiello

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