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jotcat jotcat at boreal.org
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Suet sure sounds like it would attract a tanager more than popcorn.  Old farmer must have used lots of popping oil.  I saw this summer tanager in summer, though, when there was plenty of fruit and bugs.  Go figure.

Carol T.
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  I had a summer tanager last year.
  He stayed away from my platform feeders in favor of the woofpecker suet.!

  jotcat <jotcat at boreal.org> wrote:
    I don't have any experience directly with Western Tanager food preferences, but I remember watching a Summer Tanager in Holmes Co., Ohio, a bit north of it's usual range, which had been coming to the same Amish farmer's property for two years.  He put out popped corn every day, and that bird feasted on it, as did lots of other critters.  Tanager beaks would have no problem cutting big pieces of popcorn into edible size chunks.  Worth a try, unless a city location attracts too many undesirables that way.

    Carol Tveekrem, Cook Co.
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      I am open to suggestions on how to present fruit to the tanager  
      should it decide to revisit me.  What fruit, where and in what?  I  
      have several feeder type and locations, many trees and shrubs and the  
      area around my water is mostly open given the earliness of spring -  
      but perches are present.  Any master tanager magnets out there?

      Thomas Maiello

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