[mou] Weekend Tanager Access

Thomas Maiello thomas at angelem.com
Fri Apr 27 17:17:24 EDT 2007

I, the only true birder at my house in Spring Lake Park and temporary  
dare-I-say residence for the North Minneapolis Western Tanager (I  
believe to still be wondering where the heck he is), will not be home  
this weekend.  My room mate will and she invites you with open arms  
to come.  She will be meditating and doing her thing until at least  
10:00 a.m. and maybe later and she requests that she not be  
distracted during this time.  You might knock on the door but no one  
may answer.

She does give permission for any photographers or special needs folks  
to enter the yard - even if you just want to check out the western  
boundary for the bird.  Please know that the bird is very skittish  
and flees readily at the most innocuous distraction.  Most folks who  
have come and hung out by the street on the east side (on Monroe)  
have gotten good looks at the bird with a little patience.  I would  
recommend standing back from the fence.  Anyone entering the yard  
should be extremely quiet and slow moving as to not spook the  
feathered beastie.  Yard entry should be by the front gate only (on  
80th) and movement should be on the 80th side of the house to honor  
others who are looking at the back yard (stationary photographers are  
a special case).

My experience so far is that the best viewing times are from 6:00  
a.m. to around noon - with many variations in between.  Best location  
is the back yard near the orange-covered sumac next to the ponds  
where the varmit eats (highest orange is his favorite location).  I  
did see it at around 1:00 p.m. along the western edge of the yard -  
but only once.

The neighbors are kinda getting into it that something special is  
going on and word is spreading.  I don't think there is an issue  
brewing there - especially given the loud Harley bikes that blast off  
from the yellow house to the east of my yard - simply ear- 
splitting!!  What that means is that it is a very forgiving  
neighborhood - just be as considerate as every one has been.  You are  
all simply delightful.

I do have one request.  Anyone taking great pictures of the bird or  
any birds in the yard - I would love a copy (just for my personal  
collection).  My camera doesn't do this or any bird justice.

Anyone wanting copies of the pictures I have taken, just email me and  

Thanks in advance and enjoy this incredible sight!

Thomas Maiello
(Ann, my room mate, is the owner of the house and keeper of the plants)

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