[mou] Ross's Gull

Anthony Hertzel axhertzel at sihope.com
Sat Dec 15 17:30:31 CST 2007

After having not been reported since 2:50 this afternoon, we  
relocated the Ross's Gull about 3:45 on the Mississippi River at a  
spot of open water just south of the I-494 bridge. Drive south on  
Concord Street following the western bank of the river. After passing  
beneath I-494, take the first left -- a dead end road that leads to a  
wide parking lot. Take the stairs that lead up to the dike and look  
to the south for open water frequented by Bald Eagles, goldeneye, and  
a few Herring Gulls. The Ross's Gull was actively feeding here, and  
at about 4:45 it sat down on the ice shelf where it remained until we  

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Anthony Hertzel -- axhertzel at sihope.com

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