[mou] Westwood Hills (Hennepin Co.) Today

alyssa tiger150 at comcast.net
Fri May 4 13:19:46 EDT 2007

I was present from 9am-11:15am. Birds of note:
@ 5 Duck species, including 7 Ruddy Ducks! A little late for them, isn't it?
@ 4 Warbler species, including N. Waterthrush and a B-W
@ 2 singing Baltimore Orioles
@ 2 singing Warbling Vireos
@ Pileated Woodpecker
@ A flycatcher I need help ID'ing!! I narrowed it down to two possible candidates: Willow and Alder. It had a slightly yellow tint on its sides, and its head peaked at the back of its head. It pumped its tail (but I believe they both do that), and it did not vocalize. Does anyone know what it is, or is it impossible to positively identify? 
Thanks in advance~

Alyssa DeRubeis
Golden Valley
tiger150 at comcast.net 
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