[mou] Olmsted County Big Day

Bob Ekblad ekblad at frontiernet.net
Sat May 12 06:21:26 EDT 2007

Five Olmsted birders (Chuck Krulas, Jerry Pruett, Jeff Stephenson, John
Hockema and myself) did a Big Day in Olmsted County on Friday the 11th (a
bit earlier than usual) and ended up with 139 species.  We had 23 warbler
species (24 is the highest we have recorded), 10 sparrow species, 9 duck
species, 3 geese species, and only 8 shorebird species.  We have very little
shorebird habitat and the little we have hasn't attracted many birds to it
thus far.  We have had as many as 19 shorebird species but our average over
the past 15 years has been around 10 so I suppose we can't complain too
much.  The key to finding the warblers was to find them early in the day
when they are the most active.
Bob Ekblad
Olmsted County in Southeast Minnesota
ekblad at frontiernet.net
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