[mou] Sandhill Cranes gathering at Sherburne NWR

Erika Sitz esitz at goldengate.net
Sun Oct 7 22:45:36 EDT 2007

Tonight we watched 1000 +/- Sandhill Cranes come in to roost at the
northwestern corner of Sherburnes NWR.  Location was along CR3 and CR70
between the gated refuge service road east of the CR3 curve and the
easternmost CR3/70 intersection to the  CR3/CR11 intersection at Santiago.
The first ones were spotted at 5:35pm; there was a lull and we left at
6:28pm.  We had seen a few family groups feeding in corn along the dirt road
on the Sherburne/Benton County line between CR11 and CR70 earlier.  Anyone
interested can email me for details and the best vantage points.

We also saw a Great Horned Owl fly low over Highway 10 right about at the
Sherburne County complex on the north side of Elk River.

Erika Sitz
Ramsey, north Anoka County
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