[mou] hawk flights in Mankato

Chad Heins odunamis at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 11 10:23:19 EDT 2007

Hey birders,

Here are the three day totals recorded in Mankato for Monday through Wednesday this week:

42 Turkey Vultures
15 Sharp-shinned Hawks
3 Cooper's Hawks
96 Red-tailed Hawks (including one dark morph)
1 Swainson's Hawk (soaring with a Red-tail for nice comparison)
5 Bald Eagles
1 Northern Harrier
1 Peregrine Falcon
2 Merlins
1 American Kestrel
9 unidentified

Total birds: 176

Yesterday with north winds we had 60 birds in 2.25 hours of observation time.  Tuesday in about the same amount of time we had 80 birds.

Other highlights: Large flocks of pelicans, cormorants,and gulls (Franklin's and Ring-billed), Barn Swallow, and Chimney Swift.

Fall hawk count (based at Bethany Lutheran College) stands at 462 birds of 12 species.

Happy birding!

Chad Heins
Mankato, MN

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