[mou] Weekend birds

JELLISBIRD at aol.com JELLISBIRD at aol.com
Sun Oct 14 21:27:46 EDT 2007

    Got two decent looks at a (the?) Pacific Loon on Friday late AM out from 
12th St. at Park Point in Duluth. Earlier Bob Eckblad and I had another look 
at the Whimbrel close to the airport and a flock of 9 Sanderlings. The breeding 
plumage Scoters were fun to see. Not much at Rothsay on Saturday. Had my 
first fall Northern Shrike in Douglas Cnty this early PM. Went to Christina this 
morning. It is truly impressive again for coot and waterfowl. From the north 
shore you can pick a line any direction across the lake and count 50 to 150 
waterfowl. Then move a few seconds in either direction and do it again. The view 
is about 140 or 150 degrees so there are a LOT of waterfowl. At any one time 
there are 50 to 100 ducks in the air and they are constantly up and setting 
again. No W. Grebes seen on either Christina or on Osakis. Lake Carlos had 126 C. 
Loons on Friday night and Le Homme Dieu had a few. Lake Miltona had about 20 
C. Loons this AM. Many Ring Billed Gulls were migrating with a decent number of 
Franklin's thrown in.
        John Ellis-St. Paul 
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