[mou] Loggerhead Shrike

Dave Bartkey screechowl at charter.net
Sun Apr 13 13:50:42 CDT 2008

Hi everyone,

  I found a Loggerhead Shrike today on the Goodhue/Rice County line (Goodhue
Ave.) 0.5 mi. south of where it intersects with Hwy. 19. It was perched on
the east side of the road on a telephone wire, then as we approached, it
flew to the tip of a small evergreen tree in the yard of the white house


  Also of interest, I saw and heard a flock of 32 Tundra Swans flying
overhead at Schaar's Bluff, Dakota County.


Good birding,


Dave Bartkey

Faribault, MN

screechowl at charter.net 

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