[mou] Hastings Peregrine, Red-shouldered Hawk and Eagles

Jbaines317 at aol.com Jbaines317 at aol.com
Sat Feb 23 16:46:43 CST 2008

While running out to do a little birding today I saw the Hastings  Peregrine 
Falcon back on the power stanchions at the south  end of the notorious 
Hastings Bridge. I believe it was the female due to  her large size. She was on the 
eastern stanchion. This is the first time I've  seen them since they left the 
area before Christmas.
The bald eagles that nested along County Road 47/46 (160th  street) last year 
were back along the Vermillion River are staking out the nest.  This nest is 
easy to spot. Its on the south side of the road, west of where CR  47 turns 
south and splits off of CR46- where the Vermillion River crosses from  the north 
side of the road to the south side.
Also my husband spotted a Red-shouldered Hawk along CR 47  on a telephone 
pole a few blocks east of the eagle nest around 1:30. 
Good birding everyone-
Jen  Vieth

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