[mou] Crosby bluebirds, barred owl

linda whyte birds at moosewoods.us
Tue Jan 1 17:53:44 CST 2008

New Year's Day, Crosby Farm Park, St. Paul:
3 bluebirds dining on wild grapes by the backwater, east end of the park,
near the 35 E bridge
barred owl in the evergreens by the river, to the east of the path
intersection that has a covered seat
also some of the usual residents (chickadees, downies, red-bellies, w-b

In the backyard, among some of the usual residents (juncos, goldfinches,
etc) was the robin who appeared recently at the birdbath. He imbibed
heavily, then settled into the plum tree for awhile. Until I get some
cranberries, I'm offering raisins and chopped up cherry-flavored prunes,
which I set out near the birdbath this evening. I hope he discovers them
before the other critters do.

Linda Whyte
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